Creating a beautiful life that’s filled with passion, purpose, and joy is way easier than it might sound. In fact, all it takes is a willingness to get started.

That’s why I’ve created

5 Keys to Boldly Making Life Happen

These simple, actionable tools will light a fire under you to get you from zero to did it. 



Immediately begin to blossom and show up in your everyday life as the brilliant and beautiful woman you really are by putting the 5 Keys to work for you. 

Without having to read another self-help book or use recycled “magical manifestation” cliches.

The 5 Keys are brilliantly simple and practical ideas you can use to ground yourself and take powerful action in what may feel like chaotic times, even if you’ve tried goal-setting or “law of attraction” strategies in the past. 

If you have a glimpse of your ideal life, but it always seems to be just out of reach, use the 5 Keys to turn your possibilities into daily practices. 

Not sure where to start? The 5 Keys is the bridge from your desires to your destination.  

Goal setting hasn’t helped? The 5 Keys is the missing link that pulls you to your desired future.

Prepared to give yourself permission to be passionate in your pursuit of this new life? The 5 Keys will be the propulsion you’ve been missing and will ground you in the process.

This kickass course will empower you to become the best version of you.

It’s perfect for you if:

  • You have huge dreams but need help whittling down your options and making clear choices.
  • You have an idea of what you want your life to look like, but you need a kick in the butt when it comes to taking action.
  • You are so over the stress of goal-setting and want guidance on how to make your dreams a natural, easy part of your daily routine.
  • You are tired of all the self-help books that promise you a magic bullet—you want practical tools that you can incorporate into your life long-term.
  • You have the passion to dig deeper and make your one precious life count.
An actionable course for making each day count


Dig deep into the 5 Keys and tap into the greatest resource you have: YOU!


“We’ve all seen the trendy meme ‘One Day or Day One.’ Well, here’s the truth: It doesn’t really matter how or why we got to the point we are at now—what matters is right now. What matters is today and what we decide to do with today. I was fortunate enough to be connected to 5 Keys to Boldly Making Life Happen. It’s a concise workbook and supplemental audio program that makes you think and helps you take action to achieve the life of your dreams—for a very reasonable price.” 

Melissa Drake, Founder of Brilliant Transformations

“The 5 Keys guide you into the hidden realms of your own strength and beauty in such a positive, realistic way! Kelly is a warm, wonderful guide  who reminds you of your deepest truths and that you can absolutely have whatever you want in your life. This is a course you’ll want to listen to again and again, especially when you need a reconnection to yourself.” 

Molly McCord, Author of The Truth Always Rises

5 Keys to Boldly Making Life Happen is a powerful, user-friendly package to help anyone transform their life from what if to what is. Whether you listen to the audio empowerment and practice the keys lovingly narrated by Kelly, or choose to read the workbook and apply the awesome Soul Digs at your own pace (or do both together), you will experience changes that will bring more joy and fulfillment to all your experiences. Anyone interested in living a life of passion on purpose will benefit from this course. Thanks for the five keys, which help us see and create the life of our dreams.” 

Melissa Joy Jonsson, Author of The Art of Limitless Living

Here's What You'll Get:

5 Keys Interactive PDF Workbook

The 5 Keys workbook gives you just what you need to put simple yet powerful tools to work for you! I’ve also created a few “Soul Digs” in each section to give you tangible steps for showing up for yourself to make life happen. This workbook also includes something that lots of personal-development programs forget about altogether: information on how to integrate everything you learn so that it feels natural and easy to implement.

5 Keys Audio Empowerment Series

Guided meditations are all the rage these days, but the 5 Keys audio empowerment series is more like listening to your inner voice: a gentle but passionate guide to nudge you forward when you are in need of motivation and a fresh new perspective. This series helps you ride the wave of your life so that you can unlock skills that serve you. Remember to come back to it whenever you need an extra boost of courage and insight.


Get this powerful course now and set yourself up to get real results!