start making life happen

on your own terms

start making life happen

on your own terms

7-day challenge to Making life happen

What’s that ONE big thing you’ve been putting off? One week from now, you’ll be doing it. 

When it comes to setting the goals that’ll take you to your dream life, do you get so caught up in the “how’s” that you never even get started? We at Women For One believe—no, we know—that you can turn things around so that you’re the one making life happen rather than passively accepting whatever comes your way.

Take our 7-Day Challenge to Making Life Happen and you’ll receive daily emails packed with information, motivation, and easy tools to get you started today.

PLUS at the end of the challenge, you’ll receive a surprise gift just for those who sign up for the challenge to help you put your hard-earned wisdom to work in the world right away.


Here's what people are saying

“This challenge is a once in a lifetime experience that has helped me in realizing my intentions. I have really gained a lot in setting my goals.”


“I learned so much in such a short period of time and I am able to prioritize with better clarity now.”


“Thanks for the challenge! I used it to begin setting up a project in Bali. It really helped me put together a plan of action.”