Erana Leiken

Erana Leiken

Erana Leiken, principal of Tiger Marketing, is a marketing and PR consultant and freelance writer. She also teaches communication courses at the University of Phoenix. She is writing creative nonfiction and expanding her blog into a memoir.

What I Learned from a Cockroach

Erana Leiken experienced an unexpected turning point in her career that helped her move from an unsatisfying corporate career to her own business as...

Hearts and Teardrops: A Geography Lesson

A poetic look back at the emotional landscape of Erana Leiken's life: a map of hearts and teardrops.

Doing Nothing Is Something

The expectations for women are exhausting, and are often at our expense. We are asked to do it all and do it well, no...

Missing Person

Truthteller Erana Leiken’s story could be my own, and based on what I have heard from so many in our community, it could be...