Ersa Llakmani

Ersa Llakmani

Ersa Llakmani is pursuing her passions in writing and architecture. She is a dreamer, lover, and fighter—a hopeless romantic. Ersa is a sucker for marathons, Spartan races, and boxing. She has been writing from a very early age in her native language, Albanian. She finds inspiration in nature, people she encounters in her travels, everyday human struggle, love, and life. She is an untamed soul, a unique event in the universe.

I Have Never Been a Well-Behaved Woman

Ersa Llakmani shares her poem as a celebration of women's empowerment, and a testament to the power of the woman who chooses her truth...

America, Today I Pray for You

Ersa Llakmani writes: "Today I pray for all the young hearts who need to believe in the beauty of their dreams. Today, I pray...

Born to Be Love

“The only thing we ever really want is to be loved by someone, with the same ferocity in which we love.” —J. Iron Word

The One I Have Been Waiting For

Ersa Llakmani shares a poem about finding love in unexpected sources.

Why Could I Not be that Carefree Bird?

Our hearts always know the truth about who we are. Deep down to our core, we are the bursting ecstasy of this present moment....

To Love a Woman Like Me

To love a woman like me is to love a storm—to be scared of jumping to danger and terrified of resisting.