Gabby Bernstein

Gabrielle Bernstein has been named “a new thought leader” by Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday. She appears regularly as an expert on The Dr. Oz Show, and was named “a new role model” by the New York Times. Gabrielle is the #1 New York Times best-selling author of The Universe Has Your Back. Her other titles include May Cause Miracles, Miracles Now, Add More ~ing to Your Life and Spirit Junkie. Gabrielle teamed up with Deepak Chopra to co-host the Guinness Book of World Records largest group meditation.

The Universe Has Your Back

Spiritual teacher Gabrielle Bernstein teaches readers how to transform their fear into faith in order to live a divinely guided life.

An Interview with Gabrielle Bernstein: Teaching Women How to Transform Their Fear into Faith

Kelly McNelis Senegor interviews Gabby Bernstein on her new book, The Universe Has Your Back, and the inspiration behind its message of faith and...