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Jaydee Graham

Jaydee is a Certified Social Worker and has her Masters of Science in Social Work.  She is so honored to work for and be a graduate of a local nonprofit that serves resilient single parent families pursuing higher education who are achieving lifelong self sufficiency. She is a member of the Survivors Council of the Attorney Generals Office, where she advocates and is a voice for domestic and intimate partner violence survivors. Jaydee is also the founder of the soulful hub The Soul Grind that offers a space for healing, empowerment, and support. She is a single parent, who is healing, growing, thriving and diving into her journey to be the best version of herself she can be. She can always be found with coffee in hand and soulful conversation on her lips.

“I Am”: The Sacredness of Being Seen in Your Truth

When women create sacred spaces in any shape or form, we heal collectively.

Regained Voice

Jaydee Graham knows from firsthand experience that the days of darkness, defeat, pain, and healing take time...but trusting the process and getting up to...