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Kelly Notaras

  Kelly Notaras started her book editing career in New York, working at HarperCollins, Penguin and Hyperion Books. She later became the VP and Editorial Director for Sounds True, a spirituality publisher in Boulder, CO. Specializing in books that change readers' lives for the better, Kelly has worked closely with a wide variety of personal growth authors including Adyashanti, Nancy Levin, Nick Ortner, Sally Kempton, Krishna Das and Mastin Kipp. Most recently she edited Regena Thomashauer's New York Times bestselling book Pussy: A Reclamation. She is the founder of kn literary arts, a book studio helping authors edit, write and market their books. Visit her at

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Love Your Resistance

Resistance is an intelligent adaptation. It knows what its doing, and believe it or not, it has your best interests at heart.