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Lillian Kreppel

My name is Lillian Kreppel. I am a go-getter, resourceful, fun, funny and love life.  I also love to meet interesting people, cultures and to travel. I am very inquisitive, curious, interested and a good listener. I am a people person and an influencer. I am unanimously positive and like to help others. I live in NYC and love to take advantage of all it has to offer. Because of what I went through late last year, with cancer, I am on a mission to educate the masses and to save lives.

Surviving and Fighting Cancer

Featured Truthteller Lillian Krepel knows from firsthand experience that anal cancer and HPV are misunderstood—and she's doing her part to help educate people about...

Ending the Stigma Around Anal Cancer

Featured Truthteller Lillian Krepel is doing her part to raise awareness around a rare form of cancer.