melissa drake

Melissa Drake

Melissa Drake is an editor, writer and coach. She’s a Truthteller for Women for One who has been featured in Elephant Journal, The Good Men Project, Thought Catalog and The SHFT Blog. She has a passion for words, writing, positive energy, and helping other people recover from Life’s Tough Transitions. After spending decades suppressed, repressed, and depressed, she’s found her voice and wants to help others do the same. Following the loss of both parents, she walked away from a high-powered corporate job to pursue a life filled with passion, meaning, laughter and dancing. Connect with her on her website ( or on Facebook at "Brilliant Transformations by Melissa Drake". She also has a closed group for individuals experiencing Life’s Tough Transitions that includes positive daily messaging. Request membership by searching "My Brilliant Transformation" on Facebook. You can also follow Melissa on Instagram @brillianttransformations and on Twitter @1BrilliantTrans.

How One Question Made Me Question Everything

When Melissa Drake's adult son was taken to the emergency room unexpectedly over the weekend, a question from the nurse caused her to rethink...

I’ve Become Akin to the Healer I Shunned

Melissa Drake lived much of her life seriously depressed, repressed, and angry. After adopting methods that she once saw as "woo woo," she discovered...

Celebrating My Circle of Truth

Melissa Drake says, "I want to be in circles where I'm celebrated rather than tolerated. If that means my circle is small, so be...

Feelings Are Not Facts

After Melissa Drake receives a painful diagnosis from her doctor, she faces the truth of the matter by calling upon her own inner wisdom.