Sonya Weisshappel

Sonya grew up in New York City where she started her move-management and organizing company, Seriatim, in 1999.  Proudly dyslexic, Sonya founded her business in order to avoid writing a resume and now, almost two decades later, she and her Seriatim team have earned themselves a reputation as consummate Chaos Whisperers.  Last year, Sonya was accepted into the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program and is Co-President of the New York Council of Relocation Professionals (NYCORP). In her spare time, Sonya organizes her husband, three children, a rescue dog, rabbit, and frog.

Harmony for Your Life

Sonya Weisshappel's experience of losing most of her belongings inspired her to go on to create harmony for others amidst a variety of transitions,...

The Founder of Seriatim: Sonya Weisshappel

Sonya Weisshappel founded her company, Seriatim, on the belief that no one should ever have to face a difficult life transition alone. Today, she...