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Suzie Daggett

Suzie is a writer & speaker. Her newest book is The Pink Door ~ Moms’ Journey to the Other Side where she shares her fragile yet transparent thoughts about the passage from life to death. See also wrote about the continual interactions between the soul and ego in everyday living in From Ego to Soul ~ Discover what your Soul needs and what your Ego wants. She lives and works intuitively and is keen on sharing her life’s heart and soul, ego and mind adventures. A former publisher, she created and produced the Insight Healthy Living Directory, and produced Insight Lectures featuring national new thought teachers. She is a newspaper columnist and was a TV and radio host interviewing many speakers and healers. She is a retired Real Estate Broker whose successful business was built on intuition.

Honoring the Messy & Beautiful Process of Death: Suzie Daggett on the Your Messy Brilliance® Show

Suzie Daggett's latest book,The Pink Door: Mom's Journey to the Other Side, shares her moving story about her mother's passage from life to death

Mom’s Terms

In writing My Pink Door, Mom’s Journey to the Other Side, Suzie Daggett came to realize that she and her family played out four...