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Thy Pham

Thy Minh Pham wants to inspire you to be soulful, sexy, and radiant. Thy has been an aesthetician for 12 years, as well as an intuitive healer and astrologer. She has found that people love coming to her for advice on love, healing, and relationships. Her mission is to help women find the beauty in themselves through self-acceptance and self-love. Thy is a mother, lover, daughter, sister, and friend.

NO to WHOA!!!

Thy Pham shares her story about how her life started as a "no" and evolved into a "whoa" through her sexual awakening.

Life Brought Me a Sh*tload of Lemons—This Is How I Made Lemonade

When life brought Thy Pham some major challenges (i.e., lemons), she found ways to get through these challenges and turn them into something good...