WE’RE ALL IN THIS together

WE’RE ALL IN THIS together

“Kindness eases change. Love quiets fear.” —Octavia Butler

In this time of uncertainty, fear, and panic, every single one of us has the capacity to be a hero to someone in our lives—by offering a simple act of kindness.

So many people have noted how this pandemic has the capacity to bring out the worst in people—but we at Women For One also recognize that times of crisis can draw people closer to one another and provide inspiration for how to bring hope and joy to one another’s lives so we don’t feel so alone. 

To that end, we created our 30 Days of Kindness. We want you to use your “new normal” as an opportunity to give back, uplift yourself and others, and make the best of a difficult situation. 

No matter how much money or time we have, we always have the opportunity to offer kindness to ourselves and others. Every single day of our 30-day challenge offers you a chance to pay it forward.

tips & details

1. Don’t be put off by the word “challenge.” This isn’t about launching into hyper-productivity or giving yourself a giant to-do list. None of us need additional stress right now! It’s about taking each idea and becoming creative with it, and using these days as an opportunity to recognize how big of a positive impact you can make daily. 

2. Start whenever you want. Whether you find out about the 30 days on April 1 or June 1, start when you can and go at your own pace. We know that we will be feeling the effects of the pandemic for a while, so take advantage of this time to spread kindness!

3. Use the hashtag #Wf1Kindness30 on your social media.We want you to share your actions on a daily basis and inspire your community to commit to daily acts of kindness, too.

The goal of these acts of kindness on a daily basis is to a constant reminder of the 30 days can motivate you to do as much as you can.

We want to hear from you and how you’re putting the 30 Days of Kindness into practice in your life and community. Share your stories, photos, and how your kindness impacted those around you. Let us know if we can include your info on our social media. We’ll be entering the names of people who share with us into a special raffle! The winner will receive a Truthtell t-shirt and a copy of Wf1 Founder Kelly McNelis’s bestselling book, Your Messy Brilliance: 7 Tools for the Perfectly Imperfect Woman!

our prompts

DAY 1:
Make or order items for a self-isolation survival kit—one for you and one for someone you love.
Include items like your favorite snacks, books, and movies, as well as such necessities as hand sanitizer, soap, and a roll of toilet paper. (Be especially generous with toilet paper while making your loved one’s kit—no hoarding, please!)

DAY 2: 
Get takeout from your favorite local restaurant.
So many restaurants have taken a major hit to their business as more and more people shelter in place—but thankfully, many establishments are offering takeout and delivery services. When you order, be sure to leave a giant tip or note of encouragement and support for people who work at the restaurant.

DAY 3: 
Donate to an organization or individual impacted by the virus.
Check out this page for ideas on where to donate money; it includes a list of organizations that are providing help to populations that are vulnerable to the pandemic. Look into relief efforts in your city or region. If you prefer to make a more personal impact, consider donating food, money, groceries, or other items to someone in your neighborhood who you know could use some loving support.

DAY 4: 
Write a letter to someone you love.
Nothing says “I’m thinking of you” more than a personal, handwritten letter. Cheer up someone who’s in self-isolation by using the original technology for creating powerful connection.

DAY 5: 
Say “I love you” without reservation.
Life is too short to withhold love from the people in our lives. Take this day as an opportunity to share your love for the people around you. Say it more often than you normally do, even if it feels like a bit of a stretch for you. And please remember not to leave yourself out.

DAY 6: Reach out and connect with a neighbor.
These days, a lot of people don’t necessarily even know their neighbors, but this is a great opportunity to reach out and connect with the people who live close by, who might be dealing with their own share of loneliness, fear, or panic. Consider baking them some cookies, leaving them a thoughtful note, or simply just finding time to chat (with at least six feet of space between you, of course).

DAY 7: Use the universal language of music and song to connect.
The world’s hearts have been touched by videos of people in Italy who have used their time during the pandemic to sing and play music for one another in the comfort and safety of their own homes. Take this opportunity to sing with or to a loved one (perhaps this could be a lullaby to your child or a silly ditty to your partner). If you live alone, consider recording a voice note of your song and sending it to someone who’s far away. And remember—you don’t need to have any musical skill whatsoever to share your song with someone else.

DAY 8: Organize a fun gathering via Zoom or another video-conferencing tool.
Who says you can’t have happy hours or movie nights with your friends during this pandemic? Now that most of us are at home, we have plenty of virtual tools at our fingertips that can help us maintain connection during times of stress and loneliness. Pick a date and gather your friends together for a groan-worthy movie marathon or to share a new cocktail experiment.

DAY 9: Make a playlist of uplifting songs and share with others.
We could all use a little less news and a lot more positivity. Music heals, so collect your favorite songs—from melancholy to inspiring, soothing to upbeat—and make the kind of playlist that your loved ones will want to wrap themselves in. 
And check out Wf1’s special pandemic playlists below:
Put Up Your Feet and Chillax 
Breathe in This Moment
Be Here Now
Love, Truth, Memories, and the Mess
Feeling All the Feels

DAY 10: Make an art project and share it with others.
Create an art project that you can share with others, either virtually or by literally leaving pieces of your project around your neighborhood or town for others to stumble on. This is a great opportunity to involve kids and family members—the more, the merrier. Whether or not you consider yourself artistic, you can choose from a number of possibilities—among them, pretty photos of blooming flowers, crocheted items, four-line poems, fun doodles, or crafts like this one, which is sure to bring a ray of light into someone’s life.

DAY 11: Leave a thank-you gift for your postal workers and delivery people.

We know that most of us probably couldn’t imagine living without our weekly supply drops from Amazon or other businesses that have helped us stay safe by allowing us to purchase goods online. And if it weren’t for the brave men and women who are continuing to faithfully make their delivery rounds, we’d be out of luck altogether. So today, put a care package together for your postal worker and/or regular delivery person. It could be as simple as a bottle of water, some snacks, and a thank-you note—long as it comes from your heart, that’s all that matters.

DAY 12: Pick up litter around your neighborhood.

We’re all beginning to recognize how delicate and interconnected the ecosystems of this planet really are. One silver lining to this pandemic is the dramatic reduction in pollution that is the result of temporarily halting the engine of productivity, which sadly, has contributed to ecological destruction. Thank yourself for doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint. And if you can, take 30 minutes to an hour to pick up garbage and deposit it into a trash or recycling bin. (Please be safe—wear gloves and a mask, and consider doing this at a time when you are unlikely to come into contact with others.)

DAY 13: Check in with an elderly relative.

As virus cases in elderly care facilities continue to surge, we’re all too aware of how vulnerable our older population is to this pandemic. If you have an elderly relative, friend, or neighbor who could use some extra support, check in with them to see what they need. And be sure not to underestimate the power of kind and loving words.

DAY 14: Share positive news and stories on social media.

Now more than ever, we can feel the full impact of the news and social media that we are absorbing. It is all too easy to spread doom and gloom in the name of “awareness,” but this merely serves to contribute to the fever pitch of panic, which isn’t good for anyone’s nervous system! While sharing information that is rationally offered and carefully vetted can be powerful, use today to focus on sharing uplifting stories, songs, and news that help people remember their hearts and their humanity.

DAY 15: Ask someone how you can help—then do it!

One thing is true now more than ever—plenty of people are experiencing disorientation, confusion, sadness, fear, and a sense of overwhelm. We truly need each other, and every act of generosity counts. So reach out to the first person who comes to mind and ask them a simple question, “Is there any way I can help you today?” Listen to their response, and if it is within your capacity to say yes, do it!

DAY 16: Leave a roll of quarters close to a nearby laundromat.
Many of us don’t have a choice about whether or not to stay inside. Think about the people who still have to take their laundry to a laundromat, and to brave the possibility of coming in contact with lots of other people. Beyond that, laundry can be expensive. So surprise someone by leaving some quarters next to a washer and dryer, in a roll or bag. Leave a note that says, “This one’s on me.”

DAY 17: Write out a few cards with inspirational quotes and poems and leave them around town.
Everyone could use a reminder of their courage, their resilience, and the fact that they aren’t alone. Gather together your favorite quotes and inspirational poems, and either write them on notecards or paint them on smooth rocks. Then, walk around your neighborhood (again, be safe!) and leave them on people’s doorsteps or in places where someone is sure to find them.

DAY 18: Give specific gratitude to three people who have impacted you in meaningful ways.
Every single one of us has Earth angels in our lives—people who have inspired us, offered us kindness and support in the times we needed it most, and shown us the power of human goodness. Today, call or email three people who have touched your life and changed it for the better. Share with them in specific detail how their actions and/or ways of being have impacted you. Be honest and thorough in your appreciation. Sometimes this can feel edgy, but please know that it will be received.

DAY 19: Look in the mirror and offer yourself words of kindness.
Often, we tend to leave ourselves out when it comes to offering kindness. But we must always begin with ourselves. Look in the mirror today and give yourself a pep talk. You can also recite this abbreviated loving kindness meditation, being sure to pause in between each statement: “May I be happy. May I be safe. May I be healthy, peaceful, and strong.” To remind yourself of how awesome you are, go to this website and write a letter of love and encouragement to yourself that you’ll have the pleasure of opening in the future.

DAY 20: Plant a tree or some flowers.
Connecting to the bounty of the natural world is a great way to send out a ripple effect that benefits not just the people you know, but a medley of animals and other living organisms. Today, put your green thumb to use and plant a tree, some herbs, or some flowers—whether you have a garden or a windowsill that gets plenty of sunlight. If you can’t do any of these things, go to this website and planting a tree in honor of someone you love.

DAY 21: Review your favorite restaurant.
As most of us are aware, restaurants and other customer service–based companies are experiencing a giant hit to their business. Show your solidarity and voice your support for your favorite local restaurant by posting a hearty review on Yelp, OpenTable, Trip Advisor, or their Facebook page.

DAY 22: Buy something from your favorite online small business.
Since many of us are already shifting our purchases to online, don’t forget to show your fave small business some love by ordering some choice items or even buying a gift certificate from them for someone you care about.

DAY 23: Reach out to someone you know is having a hard time and let them vent.
The pandemic isn’t just about a virus—it’s also about our accompanying fear, panic, stress, and loneliness. One of the kindest acts you can undertake is allowing someone you love the space to share their feelings and experiences. Instead of succumbing to the temptation to give advice or talk about what’s up for you, offer the other person a safe, non-judgmental space to just vent and know that they are loved, no matter what.

DAY 24: Find a place to contribute your talents and expertise, free of charge.
Whether you are donating your writing and art talents to a community organization, or holding a weekly meditation class on your Facebook page, know that you have something of value that is uniquely yours to give—and be unabashed about giving it right now.

DAY 25: Buy a book you love and send it to someone in your life.
This is a great time to start a virtual book club. Take it upon yourself to send a loved one a copy of your favorite book—and after they’ve finished reading it, have a discussion about how it impacted both of you.

DAY 26: Leave a treat for your garbage collection worker.
So many people are risking their health and well-being to help maintain crucial parts of our infrastructure. The folks who are responsible for hauling away our trash and recycling are unsung heroes, and they also fall into one of the categories of essential business. The next time you put your garbage and recycling out, leave your garbage collection worker a note of appreciation and a baked treat, or something else that expresses care and nourishment.

DAY 27: Check in with your local hospital to see where they could use some help.
There are so many ways to support the people on the frontlines who are working around the clock to ensure the safety and well-being of those who need it. Extra supplies such as gloves and face masks are currently in short supply, and many people are mobilizing to donate what they have on hand. Call your local hospital or clinic to see what would be most beneficial.

DAY 28: Send words of appreciation to the people you work with.
If you’re like many people, you’ve switched to a completely virtual work environment, which can sometimes impact your ability to build camaraderie with your colleagues. So today, send emails or text messages that express how much you appreciate and value your co-workers. Let them know you’re in this together!

DAY 29: Don’t let misinformation slide—educate yourself and others about this pandemic.
One troubling aspect of the pandemic is the proliferation of fear-based misinformation, from emails peddling fake (and costly) treatments to hoax text messages that were created to foment panic. The least helpful thing you can do right now is panic. Instead of spreading the fear, vet your sources, question extreme messaging, and gently speak up when you spot misinformation. The words and vibes we’re putting out matter, so don’t let yourself be swept into the chaos.

DAY 30: Send out good vibes with words, intentions, deeds, and prayers of kindness.
Sometimes, the best thing we can do is simply shift our energy so that we are operating from a place of serenity, possibility, and balance. If you find yourself getting upset or panicky, simply offer yourself compassion and kindness. Infuse your self-talk, deeds, intentions, and prayers with kindness. Check out this beautiful meditation, which will help you amp up your vibes and share them with others.