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truthteller tours

The future is female!

Studies have shown that a feminine style of leadership focused on collaboration and building relationships increases engagement and productivity, while amplifying learning outcomes. 

This is why Women For One is committed to fostering leadership and confidence among young women and ensuring a bright future for communities everywhere. And we are inviting you—the educational institutions responsible for equipping our young people with the tools they need to empower themselves and create lasting change—to step up. 

We are currently working with a number of universities across the nation to develop Truthteller Tours and intimate roundtable discussions that address the unique challenges and opportunities young women face on a college campus. Our university tours are customized trainings that help young women cultivate valuable leadership and assertiveness skills. 

We’ve seen firsthand how transformative this work can be. And by fostering women’s roles as leaders, speakers, and creative collaborators, you’ll build a more connected, supportive university culture and position your institution as a leading changemaker in women’s empowerment. 

Here are just a few outcomes you can expect from organizing a Truthteller Tour at your university:

  • You’ll confront and transform harmful gender norms and stereotypes about young women’s leadership potential
  • You’ll catalyze new examples of women leaders who practice a range of leadership styles, especially sisterhood, collaboration, and community engagement
  • You’ll enable young women to own and articulate their talents, for their own benefit and the benefit of their community
  • You’ll foster increased engagement, performance, transparency, and fulfillment for the women at your university
  • You’ll stand as a powerful advocate for existing and aspiring young women leaders in your university


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PAST University Tours


Mississippi State University

Starkville, MS
October 1, 2019

University tour love

Kelly’s team did an outstanding job with the Truthteller Tour at Mississippi State—from the curriculum used for the workshop, to the coaching of participants, to the vulnerability expressed throughout the event. It was great to work with such a vibrant group of people with the heart to see women grow into their own truth. This was certainly one of the most gratifying events I have ever partnered with, and I would do it all over again!

Ra’Sheda Forbes, Assistant Vice President for Multicultural Affairs, Mississippi State University

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