Your Messy Brilliance® Podcast

Expanding the World Through Women’s Stories: Elizabeth Lesser on Your Messy Brilliance® Show

The latest episode of Your Messy Brilliance® Show is with Elizabeth Lesser, who is one of the most powerful voices in spirituality and human development today. In this episode, Elizabeth discusses her new book, “Cassandra Speaks,” and the power of women’s stories to change our lives and worlds.

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Super Self-Care: Christopher Dines on Your Messy Brilliance® Show

I discuss the power of super self-care with author and teacher Christopher Dines, who helps people reduce stress and enhance their emotional well-being and serenity. He’s also the author of eight books, most recently Super Self Care: How to Find Lasting Freedom from Addiction, Toxic Relationships and Dysfunctional Lifestyles

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Your Heart Is Driving More Than Love: Hema Vyas on Your Messy Brilliance® Show

Hema Vyas is a renowned speaker on the subjects of heart wisdom, human consciousness, spirituality, health, energy medicine, and the science of Ayurveda. For 27 years, Hema has been a practicing psychologist, holistic mentor, and speaker. Her work resonates with me on a deep level because it’s all about connecting ancient wisdom to solve the problems of modern times, especially by understanding the significance of the heart.

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