Connect, Encourage, and Inspire: 2018 What Women Want National Conference

Hi, I’m Judy Goss! Besides being an entrepreneur, I’m the TV Host of AWE’s Behind The Gates, the host of What Women Want Talk Radio (with over 10,000 listeners per show every week), a St. Martin’s Press published author, the mom of teenage twin girls, and the very happy wife of a husband who’s managed to put up with my insane schedule for the past 17 years.

I’ve had many different careers in the entertainment industry including high-fashion model (waaaaaay back when—too many years to count!), actress, photo shoot producer, casting director, modeling agent, and magazine editor. Now, I’ve come full circle to combine my lifestyle brand from the entertainment world with a genuine desire to give back and help other women on their journeys to greatness. And I’m proud to say that I’m hosting my second annual What Women Want National Conference at the Hyatt Regency in Atlanta, Georgia, October 19 to 21!

Go BIG is our theme this year. Because we’re not going home!

Our passion at What Women Want Networking (the company behind our annual conference) is to teach women what they need to learn to not only succeed, but to go far beyond their perceived potential, both professionally and personally. We truly believe that you can succeed further and faster in your business if you also work on the business of yourself.

And we will rise even higher with a powerful community of women surrounding us.

I’m honored that this year Women For One is hosting their Truthteller Tour at our conference, it’s their first time presenting this special event in Atlanta, and we can’t wait to meet some of you in person! Kelly McNelis, the founder of Women For One, was our first sponsor last year for our first national conference, as well as the catalyst for our national expansion. It just goes to show that women supporting women allows us all to win in the end.

But let’s back up…

Our motto since inception has always been: Connect, Encourage, and Inspire.

CONNECT: For eight years, I’ve been building What Women Want to become a highly respected national brand that has connected thousands of women across the country and Canada…and quite honestly, all over the world! From our exciting regional chapters, which hold monthly networking events, to our annual national conference, the connecting factor is through dedicated women that value elevating each other to new heights.

ENCOURAGE: We feel that knowledge goes far in encouraging women, as we laugh together and support one another along the way. Our philosophy is that we can succeed further and faster in our businesses if we also work on the business of ourselves, so we provide education specifically for building your business, as well as strengthening your inner resolve.

INSPIRE: Learning from each other and our stories, which make us who we are, is paramount in moving forward with motivation and purpose. Inspiration is the key that keeps us going…and our mantra of “Go BIG” helps you think out of the box and realize your potential is far greater than you can imagine—and that together, we will get you there.

Want to Go BIG with us?  Attend the second annual What Women Want National Conference at the Hyatt Regency in Atlanta, Georgia, October 19 to 21!  Click here to register!

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Judy Goss, an experienced TV personality and radio show host who has hosted her own shows, interviewed A-list celebrities, appeared on countless TV shows as a News Correspondent, Lifestyle Expert, Author, Spokesperson and Women's Advocate is currently the host of "What Women Want" on LA Talk Radio with 30,000 listeners/month.

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