A Vision for Women Everywhere: A Conversation with Judy Goss

This is an interview I did three years ago with my good friend Judy Goss. It’s strange to think of how much has changed in that time—for both Women For One and Judy’s life and endeavors. In honor of Judy’s upcoming What Women Want Conference (October 19 to 21, 2018, in Atlanta, Georgia), I wanted our tribe to get a sense of the woman behind the curtain…and how her ultimate vision of a powerful, connected sisterhood of women who refuse to back down from their dreams was ultimately realized! Get more information about the What Women Want Conference here.

I’m proud to introduce the Women For One tribe to a powerful woman I know, entrepreneur Judy Goss. Judy is a woman who is making her life happen in a myriad of ways. Her service to the world is uplifting and supporting women, a mission that I can certainly get behind. An experienced TV personality and radio show host, Judy has interviewed A-list celebrities and appeared on countless TV shows as a news correspondent, lifestyle expert, author, spokesperson, and women’s advocate. She’s currently the host of What Women Want on LA Talk Radio, with 30,000 listeners a month.

Judy also founded the nationally acclaimed organization Over 40 Females®, a live and online networking community to “Connect, Encourage, and Inspire” women over the age of 40 all across the world. Over 40 Females has become a force to be reckoned with in the women’s networking industry, especially because of the ways in which it creates potent opportunities for women to excel professionally and personally—and to do it with support every step of the way.

Judy is also a motivational speaker who has presented before audiences of thousands about triumphing over adversity, women’s issues, and what it takes to live your best life.

Time Stamps:

7:30: Over 40 Females, and why it’s a unique opportunity for women who network
12:15: How women can address the challenges that come with balancing our lives
18:00: The What Women Want radio show and how it’s helping women get to the bottom of their dreams
22:00: Judy’s big vision for women around the world
30:00: A piece of valuable wisdom for our community

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About the Author | Judy Goss

Judy Goss, an experienced TV personality and radio show host who has hosted her own shows, interviewed A-list celebrities, appeared on countless TV shows as a News Correspondent, Lifestyle Expert, Author, Spokesperson and Women's Advocate is currently the host of "What Women Want" on LA Talk Radio with 30,000 listeners/month.

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