A Conversation with Laura Mayer

Wf1 Truthteller Laura Mayer shares her miraculous journey toward healing and self-renewal, and moving from a state of surviving to one of thriving. At the age of 14, Laura was diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder. The prognosis she received from the best medical doctors in the world was dire, to say the least: they told her that she would be in a wheelchair at 25 and dead at 40.

However, despite 18 operations, Laura refused to accept what Western medicine deemed an irreversible reality. Feeling that there was nowhere to go but down, she made a total commitment to heal—for real. Rather than looking for shortcuts or magical cures, Laura began to focus on her intuitive and healing abilities. “By clearing on a cellular level, I was able to shift my body matrix and redefine ‘me,'” she explains. “The more I healed, the more I became an open channel. I’m no longer the person I was before.”

In the course of her journey, she was able to completely heal her physical body.

In this inspiring conversation, Laura reveals that in order to heal physically, you first need to heal your own heart and mind. Learn more about Laura Mayer at www.dancingheartdancinghands.com

About Laura: Laura Mayer, OT for the SOUL, founder of SoulDancing Healing Practice, is an international healer, channel, teacher, inspirational speake,r and occupational therapist. She is a facilitator of Soul Memory Discovery and Spiritual Indigo Healing. In workshops and individual coaching sessions, Laura utilizes an integrative approach to Original Wound Healing by bridging decades of clinical experience, personal transformation, and intuitive prowess into a road map for anyone willing to step up the plate and take their life into their own hands.

Laura is author of Unlocking the Invisible Child: A Journey from Heartbreak to Bliss, a memoir based on her courage to “step out of the medical box,” and a co-author in the ‘Healing from Within’ part of the best-selling series Adventure in Manifesting. Laura is currently writing her second book, Bridge of Proof. Her determination, tenacity, and grace are an example of possibility and provide the impetus for others to heal for real.

When truth matters, healing happens. -Laura Mayer Click to Tweet

When you heal your heart, nothing else matters. -Laura Mayer Click to Tweet

What we discussed: 
2:30    Laura’s Story
9:00    How Changing Your Beliefs Can Change Your Physical Reality
11:00  Healing = Choice
20:00  How You Can Shift Your Current Life
22:00  Tenacity vs. Audacity

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