A Symbol of Love

I was on a spiritual high as I said goodbye to my dear friends in India. Feeling grateful and blessed for three magical weeks of teachings, temples, prayer, and devotion.

Hugging, promising to be back soon, I heard something hit the floor. I looked down and saw half of my Cartier Love bracelet on the ground. I was stunned to see the bracelet that I had worn for so many years, broken at my feet. My heart skipped a beat not because of the price tag, but because it was my talisman.

I was stunned. How could a bracelet held together by screws just fall from my wrist? Immediately, I panicked, thinking this was not a good sign. I bought the iconic bracelet, the symbol of love, while I was working at Cartier. I was considered fortunate because very few were allowed to buy due to the high demand.

I chuckled to myself, deliberating if I should pass. There was no special someone, partner or lover. I wanted a love story to go with my love bracelet. So, I thought of the fairy tales I read while I was growing up. Those magical tales were filled with romance and forever after. I imagined my consort gifting the bracelet as a symbol of his love, tenderly turning the golden screws, sealing our love for all of eternity.

By now, I was already widowed and divorced, convinced that love was not in my future. I was certain that I was burning off some bad karma from a past life. But the truth was, I still hoped that someone held the key to unlocking my heart. After all, isn’t that the way fairy tales end?

But I knew better and wasn’t buying into the story anymore. I had left behind the pages of the past and was moving forward. I decided to stop waiting for love to find me; instead, I began to connect with the love inside of me. Without hesitation, I bought the bracelet as a gift to myself.

Turning the screws, I made a promise to wear the bracelet as a reminder to love myself—having learned that you can’t give or receive love until you accept yourself and all of your beautiful, perfect imperfections.

As I picked the bracelet up from the floor, I understood why it fell from my wrist. I no longer needed a bracelet to remind myself that all the love I need is right inside of me.

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About the Author | Kathe Crawford

Kathe Crawford is the author of [Unlocking Secrets] My Journey to an Open Heart; in this moving and soul inspiring memoir, Kathe shares her story of adversity and challenges that led to an inspiring and courageous journey of self-discovery. An Integrative coach, inspiring speaker, teacher and workshop facilitator, b y sharing her own inspiring story, she empowers and guides women to discover the wisdom and truth that lives inside their own personal story.  You can pick up her book on Amazon.

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  • Nanci-Jean Krum

    Thank you for posting this. What a great reminder to love yourself first. As I was reading this I was thinking what about loving yourself and looking within. I am so glad you had this realization. How is it going?