America: Still a Country of Democracy, Freedom, and Equality?

America has always been an example for most countries in the world—an example of what democracy, freedom, equality, and development mean.

If I talk about my country, India, I can say that many from our community and region have settled there, and now America is their own country. When they return to India, other relatives and friends get jealous witnessing their wealth and empowerment. To get an American visa has always been seen as a very prestigious achievement. Girls are dying to marry NRI men (men settled in America) because they want to live life where there’s freedom, luxury, and equality.

In India, the recent presidential election in America grabbed our attention and we played an active role because many of our relatives settled there, so we knew they would also be affected by the outcome. But the results were shocking. Americans have chosen the one representative who doesn’t believe in equality and has literally abused women.

To me, every girl or woman should be seen as someone’s mother, daughter, or sister. I agree that my own country is still a developing country. Girls’ safety is a debatable point here as well, but my sense is that India would never have chosen a representative who openly made such comments about women.

When the Delhi incident—in which a girl was gang-raped and tragically killed—took place, one of India’s Congresspersons commented, “It happens in such a big nation.” Hundreds of thousands of people revealed their anger and stood with that girl. Humans confronted the rule of the law together. That Delhi incident played the biggest role in changing the rule of Congress in 2014.

India has always learned from America, and is now making an effort to create equality by reserving 33% of government seats for women. When I look at America, it saddens me. I wonder why such a great and powerful democracy has never had a female president. Does it have such little faith in women?

America is still seen as the dream country among most of the nations of the world. But sadly, after Trump’s victory, many people from my community have postponed visiting America. Although I am saddened, it is my hope that as the nations of the world, we will work harder to choose representatives who can be our voice, who can keep us safe, and who can lead us to greater and greater accomplishments—on behalf of all.


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