Alexis Meads

Alexis Meads is a Life Coach, Writer and Relationship Mentor. Alexis received her M.A. at Harvard University and went on to get her coaching certification and create ( She specializes in supporting women to have dramatically more enjoyment in their life and relationships. When she’s not working with private clients or delivering online programs, Alexis can be found cuddling with her two dogs, traveling with her husband or cooking up a storm.   For a FREE copy of her Digital Book click here:

Embracing Your New Normal

Alexis Meads is a writer, life coach, and Women For One Truthteller who shares the highs and lows of being a new mom.

How a Harvard Grad who Hated Her Job Started a Crazy Wild Love Movement

When she found herself feeling unsatisfied with her life, Alexis Meads decided to take a break from the things she had absorbed her time...