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Carolyn Duarte

Carolyn Duarte is a girl on the run! Like most moms, she is constantly on the go. Trying to make a few dollars here, pick up a child there, occasionally going for a soul-cleansing run or squeezing in a yoga class between self-replenishing loads of laundry. (She ponders, "Why doesn't that happen to my bank account???") Carolyn is best known for being a kind friend, loving mama, great listener, spiritual enthusiast, and self-proclaimed personal-development addict. She shares her life's musings as a single mama on her blog Girl on the Run and is a co-founder of Inspired Elephant.

How I Found Myself on the Ego’s Playground…All Alone

Carolyn Duarte learned that reaching out and sharing her struggles with others made her feel less alone and less threatened by her own problems....

Letting Go and Shining Bright

Through forgiveness, Carolyn Duarte is able to let go of the past and its hold over her. In doing so, she becomes a beacon...