Letting Go and Shining Bright

I forgive everything. I let it go. I release it, as it is weighing me down. I let it all go. I release it to God.

We let go for ourselves. So we can be lighter and more like the divine.

I let go of the thoughts. I let go of the need to be right. I let go of victimhood.

I release the judge in me. She no longer has any right nor place in my dreams or thoughts. She no longer has any jurisdiction in my realm. She no longer presides over my life. I walk out of her courtroom and never look back. I walk into paradise and into the light.

Overall, I am thankful. I am a better person today because of him. I am thankful to him for all that I have: my beautiful and healthy children, my home, financial support, a loving and supportive community that surrounded me when it all fell apart.

I forgive him for what he couldn’t give me, for he gave me what he could. And this I happily accept. I couldn’t back then, but I do now.

I release him with love and gratitude. Go in peace, brother. And thank you for the lessons you taught me and the blessings you’ve brought me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Let me open my heart to him. He has no power over me. Let me release the fear. I am a blessed child of God. I have no need to fear. I am the director of my dreams. Not the victim.

And I release the broken little girl in me. She is now a distant memory and has no place in my light-filled, empowered world. From her arose a wise, strong woman who realizes that no one can break her. She is only made stronger.

Like attracts like, and whom and what I am attracting now is not broken. I attract light. I attract giving. I attract faith and hope. I attract love and forgiveness. I attract joy…because I am joy. I am all these things and more.

I attract you because I am you and you are me. We are all connected.

I attract love in all its forms and kindness. So much kindness.

With this, my light shines stronger, brighter, and bolder than ever before. I am a beacon of light for those who need to be lifted in order to share their unique selves and gifts with the world.

I illuminate the path they couldn’t see. I help them realize it’s okay to feel safe on their journey. Living out their journey is their gift to the world, and it is God’s gift to them.

Helping people deliver their gifts to the world is my gift. Empowerment Coach to the gifted and meek, to the most beautiful and powerful of beings…yet they don’t realize it yet.

Like flowers unfolding and revealing their beauty, I am the sun and the rain and the nourishment in the soil that helps this most natural process along.

I hold up the Mirror of Truth and help them see the beauty within themselves and what they offer the world.

They are all beautiful. So beautiful.

They are all amazing.

They are all powerful.

I am a helper of God. This is my role and I accept it.

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About the Author | Carolyn Duarte

Carolyn Duarte is a girl on the run! Like most moms, she is constantly on the go. Trying to make a few dollars here, pick up a child there, occasionally going for a soul-cleansing run or squeezing in a yoga class between self-replenishing loads of laundry. (She ponders, "Why doesn't that happen to my bank account???") Carolyn is best known for being a kind friend, loving mama, great listener, spiritual enthusiast, and self-proclaimed personal-development addict. She shares her life's musings as a single mama on her blog Girl on the Run and is a co-founder of Inspired Elephant.

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