Queen in the Making

An ambitious firefly, all set to take the flight of her dreams, is made to rest by reflecting the light of the false sun. A woman’s life is also as predictable as this. As we prepare to spread the wings of our dreams, various limitations are set upon us, either by our parents or by the people we relate with after getting married.

I, too, sidelined my dreams to first “secure” my future by studying medicine and then getting myself a decent job. Soon thereafter, my cultural limitations set my status as married—thankfully, to an amazingly understanding and caring man. We were soon gifted with the most precious boon to our lives, and my first baby was born.

Twenty days after his birth, I suffered from my first panic attack, due to the hormonal imbalance caused by a 13-centimeter fibroid in my uterine cavity. I was absolutely shaken, both physically and mentally, as I faced the rage and agony. I cried bitterly, shouted with erratic movements—my body in a hollow state of disturbed psychology. As the time passed, the panic attacks grew worse and their frequency increased—so much so that I attempted suicide several times, forgetting about my motherhood responsibilities. I still carried the hidden guilt of ruining the “could have been” beautiful moments with my child.

After almost three months of this distress, I saw my child smiling at me for the first time, and chills ran down my spine. I could almost hear him say, “Maa, you are my hero, my mentor, my guide, my friend. You are my first love, and love isn’t weak. You can’t be weak, maa—you have to help yourself to help me stand upright in this world.”

I promised myself then and there to be proactive and to reach out to every help possible around me. I began to read and shifted my focus entirely from entertainment to education. I completely mended my lifestyle and brought discipline, grit, and determination into my every behavior. Beginning from developing a golden hour in the morning to following positive techniques and strategies, I began to realize my lost ambitions and passions.

This was the time when my own dreams came to my rescue. I decide to enter the pageantry scene and began redefining my outlook toward life through the lens of my dream. Soon, I won the national title of Mrs. India Worldwide 2014 (1st runner-up). It came as a huge boost to my spirits. I reduced my weight to 58 kgs from 95 kgs, restructuring my confidence, my character, and personality. I was a witness to my own personal victory, which was also now public.

My belief in my dreams also exposed me to international television when I appeared on the sets of the renowned show KBC with Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan. Thereafter, there was no looking back—and I won several national and international titles. I was also declared the first married Indian woman to win a Femina title: Femina Officially Gorgeous 2016.

queen-in-the-makingOver time, I realized that I wanted to help other women grow out of their niche to achieve the greatest and most desirable results. I founded the concept of Productive Pageantry, a beautiful amalgamation of pageantry principles with life-perfecting fundamentals. I have already coached thousands of women worldwide, especially married women and mothers, under my initiative, “Queen in the Making,” where I strongly propagate the idea that there lies a queen inside each woman, regardless of her age, skin color, community, body stats, etc. My students range from rural women to professionals from all spheres. My latest success story was to train and empower acid-attack survivors and to conduct a first in the history of pageantry: a pageant for acid-burn victims.

I seek to empower women all over the world using my module of Productive Pageantry, which has been specially designed and keenly crafted for Gen Y women creating a wave of evolutionary womanhood. I am now a mother to two sons with a large family to look after, but I feel happy to practice and preach living a life of value and service to attain wonderful in your personal and professional endeavors.

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About the Author | Dr. Shivangi Maletia

Dr. Shivangi Maletia is dental surgeon by profession, a passionate coach of personal empowerment for women, and the founder of Productive Pageantry, which is training women worldwide on how to become queens in the making. A mother of two, she believes in personal victory preceding public victory, which she has demonstrated through her own struggles and triumphs.

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  • U r an inspiration to many n even me, the day l attended your session in Agra a spark which was buried deep with me for years to do something productive burned again n l started find ways to prove my worth not only to the world but myself first n here today l stand as a tarot card reader n doing extremely satisfying things as when people come to me with their problems n l can help them in some way give me so much of happiness that is hard to express, as once l also experience the biggest blow of my life that shaken my whole world, but with god grace l over comed it n that bad experience changed my life for the better n made me strong from a weak, negative person to a bold n positive person.

    • Neha Kaul

      Have Attended your first session on 26th July 2020 and feel awesome and you are truly an inspiration.

  • Kiranpreet Kaur

    Truly an inspiration, specially for someone who’s been seeing since your college days. With your achievements and encouragement, you’ve helped others to (specially me) expand their horizons of thought and dreams. Working for a cause that is most ignored, but most importantly needed to put light on, is an inspiration in itself. You’re not just working for the women but you’re working for the society and thus nation at the higher level. Stay blessed?

  • Shalini Ramnani

    Hello ! Mam ! Thank you very much for the inspiration & motivation. We as today’s women do need this, time to time, when we try to do our best & do get exhausted. Your support & advise means a lot to me & helps me gain courage to get back to life. Do keep writing to us….we need it.

  • Laxmi

    Hi Shivangi, Lots of blessings. I am following you since I saw you and your mom (my friend) on KBC. I don’t have words that how I can appreciate your dare of acceptance and getting over with confidence. I believe , if you trust yourself than nothing can stop you to achieve your targeted endeavors. I try to follow you but because of busy life style I missed your teachings but. I am totally agree with you on the multitasking, so true. Keep it up.

  • Harman

    First of all I would like to Thank you Shivangi Maletia. Thank You Thank You Thank You.. I just want to tell you that i watch all the videos you make. You are Amazing. You make my life easy and worth living. I try to follow all your techniques and refer you to all the women around me. God bless you..

  • Sonia sood

    Really got inspired by your story.i also want to do something worthwhile.i have developed a huge complex.not been working since past 7 years.want to connect with you.

  • Lata Dua

    Very motivational thoughts. Love your pious and calm aura.

  • Ratna

    So wonderful and inspiring! Women can achieve wonders if they can break out of their tiny shell. We all can. We need to help many more achieve their dreams.

  • Kavita pal

    Hii mam I really loved all ur videos an try to follow also..I really want to connect with u…ur my inspiration now. An I need ur help. .

  • Rachita bhanot

    I also want to b part of queen makin …I’m gud at counselling n also goin to do Nlp …want to wrk for queen makin

  • Shweta Singh

    I am really inspired by you, whenever I feel low and the surrounding are very unfavorable for me your speeches and thoughts really boost my confidence and keep my alive give me a fresh perspective to see the life. Thankyou so much… Thankyou for supporting every women.

  • Anuradha

    Nice initiative for women empowerment with a different perspective..

  • Anita manchanda

    I want to attend your session. I am suffering from panic attacks. your videos are very inspiring me. please help me out from panic attacks.

  • Urvashi Singh

    So Amazing

  • Mrs. Arju chowbey chakraborty

    You are a godes in my life now. I was also in a very weak mental state. Because of loss of my both parents at a very early age of life. There were so much depression entering my life every day. And was finding lack of love and positivity . It was making me near to a wish of suicide. But soon i found your videos and it helped me a lot for getting back my confidence . You truly gave me a new life and also my days are becoming more beautiful as I see your videos. Keep making it we will love to see it every day. 💖💖💖 loads of love for you my love Dr Siwangi you are truly an inspiration.

  • Dr. Gaurangi Gujar

    Hi Dr. Shivangi.. Very recently I came across your video and was very boosted at the same moment. I could actually relate it to myself. I m also a dentist and mother of a baby girl.. Right now going through bit tough time but yes… things and situations are changing and evolving slow and lots will fall in place steady… Would like to meet you someday in true being….

  • Kalpna gupta

    Powerful sharing. Dear Dr. Shivangi….for woman ..We need more empowered Angle like you. .God bless you with lots of happiness and grace.

  • Vidya omana

    Hi, Mam ! Really amazing journey of self improvement.Hats off. How can we join the productive pageantry ? Can you mail me the details. Thank you for being an inspiration.

  • Mohammadi begun

    Thank you DrShivangi today you have opened my eyes, I was in deep depression about this perfection, I myself has given up many important things in my life because of this imperction and keep struggle with my daughter to make her perfect in everything thing ….. Like studies, her bedroom as you said just now … Thank you so much dear May God Bless you …

  • Pragya

    This story makes me strong….

  • Vanita mahajan

    Glad to have met u yesterday at women of influence 2019. Spiritual science is what attracted me to your personality and on talking to u it confirmed that your strength comes from spirituality, the science of the spirit. We need more women of influence like u in the society today.
    Thanku for being there.

  • Er anshu

    Well done👍

  • Bharti Menghani

    Dear Shivangi ji,
    Your videos are inspiring.
    Pls keep it up…
    Would like to understand more about Productive Pageantry as there is some gap in understanding.
    Can anyone from your team connect.