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Jennifer Maddox

Jennifer’s greatest joy is raising her daughters. She is the owner of a private psychotherapy / coaching practice specializing in mindful resilience. Her passions lie in helping individuals who feel fed up with feeling exhausted and scared recover their resilient nature. She is also the Founder and CEO of Project Lumina. (Project Project Lumina focuses on creating a world where women and girls can live life on their own terms. Done through international travel, mindful introspection, cultural exchange and the total and complete awesomeness of surfing. For the last decade and a half, Jennifer has been happily busy with her kids, her practice and surfing life’s waves with Project Lumina. Now that her girls are getting older she is busting out to write more and speak up more. She is the author of many articles and blog posts such as “I Don’t Want (or Need) my Own Soulmate and Here’s Why.”  She has been quietly making a name for herself as a resiliency expert, writer speaker and entrepreneur.