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Pamella Horton

Pamella Horton BSW, MS, ICES™ is an International Cultural Engagement Specialist, an Employee Engagement Speaker and Founder of Maven's Connections and the callingtherealYOU Podcast. With an expertise in Mindset, Well-being, and Organizational Development, Pamella has helped thousands of employees live happier, healthier more successful lives.  She bridges the gap between a mediocre work experience to an extraordinary one for both employees and employers. Pamella provides a blueprint for companies to create and sustain a highly engaged business environment that results in acquiring top talent, improved employee retention and increased profit margins. A devoted Wife, Mother and life enthusiast, Pamella is honored to serve on the Board of Directors for the Sarasota-Manatee Human Resource Association, as well as, for the Foundation Of Possibilities.  If you hang out with Pamella long enough you will find yourself believing in yourself even more and knowing YOU can achieve anything.

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