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Sasha Moss

Sasha Moss was a lawyer for ten years before coming out of the spiritual closet, revealing her true passion for transformational growth, and thriving and creating a heart-centered world where every man and woman is consciously aligned with their passion, purpose, and gifts. She now coaches, mentors, writes, and facilitates Wise Women Circles and workshops for women who wish to reconnect with their hearts; remember their souls' dreams, gifts, and passions; and take responsibility for their own thriving. Sasha lives with her husband and two beautiful daughters. Her passions include travel, dancing, qi gong, meditation, running women's circles, being in nature, and enjoying the presence of family and friends who engage her mind, heart, body, and soul. Sasha is available for one-to-one coaching in person and via Skype, and to facilitate small and large group circles and workshops. You can find out more on her website,, or Facebook page,

A Match Made in Heaven: My Personal Story of Pregnancy Loss

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A Declaration to the Universe

Sasha Moss declares her passion to help women flourish, thrive and find joy in their lives. With a push of a button, an email...