A Declaration to the Universe


For close to ten years, I was a lawyer, hiding in the “broom” closet!  Whilst I loved my career, the intellectual challenges, power suits, and especially the wonderful mentors and friends I met along the way, my true passion lay elsewhere.  After the birth of my two beautiful daughters, I was blessed to have the opportunity to take up my role as a stay at home mum – both the most wonderful and challenging of roles! This break from the corporate world really allowed me to get back in touch with my heart’s desires, and, as I let the wild, chaotic, passionate world of motherhood engulf me, my previous connections to the fast paced, strategic, achievement driven world of law, quickly dissolved!

During this time of change, I needed to connect with parts of myself that had been quieted by circumstance and society. I wanted to connect with my deepest desires of my soul about what my life could truly be – and to do this with a group of likeminded women.

I sought a forum where we could come together informally to connect, share, inspire, explore a woman’s path and experience the beauty and power of women in support of one another. I searched … but I couldn’t find it! My only option? Create it myself! And so, in 2008, I took my first leap of faith and sent an email to many wonderful friends – all of whom I considered to be wonderfully wise, and asked them to join me in a “Wise Women Circle”.

This group was intended to be, and swiftly became a meeting of heart and minds. It was a place where we could support and celebrate one another as women, and connect with ourselves, tap into our deepest thoughts, dreams and desires. All of which, we had inadvertently buried under mountains of laundry, professional deadlines, screaming toddlers and dizzying social calendars! The Wise Women Circle provided a sacred space where deep conversation and connection could truly take place. It was a breath of fresh air and a touch of magic, away from the hectic daily routine, and beyond our assigned identities. Each Circle gave us the chance to explore who we are in our most quiet moments, both as individuals and as a collective. A sort of yoga for the heart and soul!

Fast forward to 2013. My youngest child was about to start school, the time felt right to launch into my next professional endeavor.   One, that this time around would feed not only my mind, but also my heart and soul. In this time of personal transition, my vision became clear. I discovered my passion for working with women who wished to reconnect with themselves and other women and step onto a path that leads to the greatest level of flourishing, thriving and joy in their world. I discovered a kind of thriving which is born from meaningful engagement with your deepest sense of self and life purpose. I embraced and honored the feminine power poised to give birth to this. And so, I took a leap of faith and created my new passion From the Feminine. This would be my vehicle to share my gifts through Wise Women Circles and heart based coaching.

I still remember pressing the email send button that would “launch” my new endeavor – at about 2 o’clock in the morning. I felt so amazingly on purpose after having poured out something that had been waiting to come out of my soul for so long. And then once the email was sent, feeling the most incredible dread about what it was that I had actually just done! I suddenly felt desperately exposed, vulnerable, and well, to be honest, a tad crazy! I would have done anything at that moment to take back that email! Luckily, that kind of technology wasn’t available to me!

After taking a few breaths, (and not getting much sleep that night!), I calmed down long enough to realize what I had actually done in finally sending that email, was to completely expose myself – my true self – in all its vulnerabilities. I was declaring who I really am, what my greatest passion really is.  More profoundly, I was declaring it to myself.  For the first time in my life, I was really embracing who I am and what my life purpose is. This was both amazingly exhilarating and totally terrifying.

It took me a further two or three months to realize another layer of the emotion which had overwhelmed me that September night … not only was I declaring my journey to myself, my friends, family and acquaintances …that email, symbolically, was a declaration to the UNIVERSE. I was finally ready to be who I was put here to be and serve in the way I had come here to serve. Fully present and engaged with my life purpose – it was basically a crazy, flying blind, leap of faith on to my destiny path. And what an amazing, and ever evolving path it is!

I certainly do not profess to know any more or any less than any other human on the planet. We are all in this together, co-creating up a storm! What I do know is it is time to start co-creating consciously! And, what I can share with you, is my deep knowing that, if you engage with the world from a place of deepest authenticity with love and passion for what you do, the universe will provide you with all you need – whether you knew what that was or not! We often hear the phrase “do what you love and you’ll never work another day in your life.” Well, that is so true but only one part of the equation!  Deeper than the “doing” of what you love, must lie the “being” of who you truly are. When you “be” yourself, the doing will flow effortlessly. So, ask yourself in those quietest of moments, with unabashed honesty, who are you? What is your deepest vision for yourself? What gives you joy? And go all the way with that! As more of us live from this place of authenticity, so our world will progress to its most loving, authentic state! To slightly revamp Neil Armstrong’s words as he stepped onto the moon … as each woman honors herself and takes a small step on to her destiny path, it creates one giant leap for the human race!


Sasha Moss



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About the Author | Sasha Moss

Sasha Moss was a lawyer for ten years before coming out of the spiritual closet, revealing her true passion for transformational growth, and thriving and creating a heart-centered world where every man and woman is consciously aligned with their passion, purpose, and gifts. She now coaches, mentors, writes, and facilitates Wise Women Circles and workshops for women who wish to reconnect with their hearts; remember their souls' dreams, gifts, and passions; and take responsibility for their own thriving. Sasha lives with her husband and two beautiful daughters. Her passions include travel, dancing, qi gong, meditation, running women's circles, being in nature, and enjoying the presence of family and friends who engage her mind, heart, body, and soul. Sasha is available for one-to-one coaching in person and via Skype, and to facilitate small and large group circles and workshops. You can find out more on her website, www.fromthefeminine.com, or Facebook page, www.facebook.com/fromthefeminine.

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3 comments to "A Declaration to the Universe"

  • Shirley

    Sasha is a truly inspirational woman and I’m so fortunate to be a part of one of her circles. This way of thinking and of living has certainly helped me evolve into a much calmer and positive person. Thanks so much Sasha.

  • Tali

    Sasha is one of the loveliest people I’ve ever met and I’m so inspired by her story. When you surround yourself with people who are supportive, encouraging, kind… people who have overcome obstacles and hardships and have developed an incredible inner strength and people who are boldly moving forward into their future..well some of this goodness is surely contagious. All the best XXX Tali

  • Amanda

    I am lucky enough to be part of Sasha’s wonderful circles. The opportunity for us all to meet in such a safe and inspiringly honest space is a gift and Sasha is among the most tranquil yet exciting people I have ever met. Sasha has such an inspiring vision of our way forward and has reignited in me an optimism for mankind’s future.

    Thank you,