Wendy Silvers

Wendy considers her roles as the mother of a teenager and wife wonderful portals of transformation. She is a guest on many radio and tv shows, tele-summits and stages where she speaks about awakening the power of the Great Mother within you to improve our lives and world. Wendy has a thriving counseling practice in Southern California, writes for the Huffington Post and other online publications, speaks, and, teaches live and online programs.

Million Mamas Manifesto

Wendy Silvers created a Million Mama's Manifesto to support the moms of children around the world. She asks that we join together in Sisterhood...

A Conversation with the Founder of Million Mama’s Movement

I am honored to present a video interview with Wendy Silvers, Founder of Million Mama's Movement. I loved connecting with Wendy. Her spirit and...