Awakening the Essential Feminine


To get ahead in life, love and business, use this book as guide, inspiration and personal resource to create the world you most desire. In this groundbreaking book, author, business consultant and Life Transformation webinar creator Maureen Simon shares her unique approach to creating the life – and world – you deserve, with skills to help you tap into and leverage the intrinsic feminine gifts and powers that you already possess. Think of it. Women are naturally predisposed to build relationships and maintain peace. They nurture, empathize and communicate at exceptionally high levels. Feminine intuition is rarely contested. Imagine harnessing these traits, and more, as you create a whole new way of living – incorporating your Essential Feminine. In this succinct anthology, rich in historical reference and decades of personal observation, Simon makes change profoundly real. With the knowledge and tools delivered in these pages, you will be able to use those feminine qualities that come naturally and develop those that have not yet been fully realized. This book is a must read for all women – of all ages – who want to mark their place in history. For more information and to purchase this book, click HERE.

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