Because I F——g Sparkle, That’s Why

“Because I f——g sparkle, that’s why!”

My client found this quote. I love it. It resonates with owning my strength and power, and shining energy. It resonates with owning my sparkle.

I was talking to a friend the other day, and we both commented how we were no longer willing to sit as quietly as we use to. No longer willing to let others get away with things that don’t sit right with us. No longer willing to quietly let things be. There are times to let things be, and there are issues that aren’t worth the struggle. And there are also times I haven’t spoken up, or I haven’t taken a stand, or I haven’t said, “No, that’s not okay. This is what I know to be true.” And that I wish I did.

I’ve learned, and am learning, that each one of us sparkles, in our own way, and that it’s okay—in fact it’s essential—for each one of us to sparkle and shine and delight in that. Even me.

Because I f——-g sparkle, that’s why I’m smiling. Because I f——-g sparkle, that’s why you need to pay attention to me. Because I f——-g sparkle, that’s why I get to weigh in. Or to object. Or to dance. Or to play.

I love this quote. I love owning and savoring my sparkle.

Because I f——-g sparkle, that’s why.


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Lisa Kohn is the author of a memoir, To the Moon and Back, due out September 18, 2018, that chronicles her childhood – growing up in the East Village of New York City in the 1970s and in the Unification Church (the Moonies). Lisa writes of her recovery from the emotional abuse and abandonment she faced, and her now life of hope as a thriving and happy mom, wife, and leadership consultant and coach. You can read more at her website,, where you can also download the first chapter of her book.

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