Chicken Soup for the Soul: Simply Happy

This compilation of lessons from a Wall Street investment banker turned self-help author and publisher will enrich the lives of its readers. Amy Newmark distills advice and wisdom from her life and more than 20,000 Chicken Soup for the Soul stories into this crash course in how to be happy.

Amy weaves her stories and those of others into a series of lessons on going easier on yourself, loving your body, pre­tending to be confident so you eventually come to be so, expecting the best of people, being bold and trusting your instincts, practicing gratitude, enjoying the little things, and living with passion. She says that “happiness is not a mysterious, elusive lottery ticket” but “a jackpot within everyone’s grasp once we remove the obstacles we put in our own paths.”

Simply Happy entertains, energizes, and enlightens with dozens of practical, simple tips that work instantly to improve your everyday life and your future.

Amy’s book will teach you all about:

  • Using thankfulness to change your relationships
  • Easy time management tips
  • Having fun while raising responsible kids
  • Using the power of “no” to make time for what matters
  • Making a habit of stepping outside your comfort zone
  • Harnessing your dreams to discover what you already know
  • Changing your life forever through forgiveness
  • Six easy ways to reduce stress and keep it away
  • Why you need to eliminate toxic people from your life
  • How to get the best out of everyone—family, friends, and strangers
  • Why you should strive for excellence but not perfection
  • …And many more life-changing tips you can implement instantly!

A Publishers Weekly Top Ten Lifestyle Pick for Fall 2016!

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About the Author | Amy Newmark

Amy Newmark is the author, editor-in-chief, and publisher of the 23-year-old Chicken Soup for the Soul book series and the creator and host of its successful new podcast. Credited for revitalizing the brand since she stepped in as publisher in 2008, Newmark has edited and published 132 new books in the series, more than doubling the total number of Chicken Soup for the Soul books in print today. She continues to publish 10-12 new books per year, with relevant, topical subject matters that resonate with today’s audience, such as their Summer 2016 title, Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Power of Gratitude (with Deborah Norville, available now).

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