Dispelling Wetiko: Breaking the Curse of Evil by Paul Levy


Justice Bartlett’s thoughts on this inspiring book:

The path I have walked and now guide others in, is essentially the Transforming of Awareness. Learning how to, and now teaching others, how to reshape their lives through dispersing the energy in what is no longer working by seeing it, containing it and then gently evolving it so it goes back into the creative matrix transformed and readily accessible as creative potential!

This book delves into what Paul Levy has coined as malignant egophrenia, the psychospiritual disease of the soul that has run rampant in within our species for thousands of years. This consciousness could either hold the key to our destruction or salvation, depending on how we see it and respond do it.

We have had all had the experience of acting against our own best interest in our personal lives and we can see it on a grand scale in the way that our culture views and uses our planet. We have all known someone, or have behaved ourselves, in a way that is completely unlike us or at least the us that we would like to be or the “them” that we would like to know.

The time has come for us to stop pointing the finger and for each of us to take the time, care and responsibility to evolve the disparaged frightened parts of our own selves in service to the whole. Only when we do this as individuals will we see this change manifest in the greater collective.

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