Every Woman Needs Another Woman

Every woman needs another woman in her life who has walked before her, one who can share her stories, lessons, and wisdom. We all have at least one, and some are blessed with many. The real gift is knowing there is an infinite source of support that is available when we need it the most.

Today I honor and celebrate each of the women who has walked before me, shared her stories, and held me gently.

She taught me to listen to my still-small voice and trust my listening. In this process I learned that an authentic life is an honest life, and the one I would choose to live out.

She held me close during my darkest moments. Her presence was gentle, nurturing, and comforting. I always knew that I would never be judged, only heard, and that she would always be a safe place for me to fall.

She coached me when I stumbled. Her wise words would be the compass of some of my biggest life choices. She could always see my possibilities and my greatness—even when I could not.

She pushed me when I wanted to quit, when I thought I had nothing more to give, when I thought I could not take another step. When I was tired and worn, her voice was firm and loving.

She inspired me on every level: emotionally, physically, and spiritually. In her eyes, I could see everything that was possible for a woman. Her confidence, beauty, and grace were always present and in the wake of every encounter her wisdom lingered for days.

She loved me deeply, in a way like no other woman. Her love is raw, unconditional, and truly authentic. I know today I am a better person, and a stronger woman because of her.

And I pray every day that I can be that woman for someone else.

Carolyn Lebanowski, Every woman needs another woman

About the Author | Carolyn Lebanowski

C.L. is a student of life who practices gratitude daily and believes that love never fails. She trusts that living a life that is authentic and aligned with spiritual truths will bring with it endless days of power and possibility.

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