Following your passion, serving others and rising to your greatest potential

My name is Brad Worthley, and over the last 37 years I have created seven companies from scratch – so you might call me a serial entrepreneur. For the last 22 years, I have owned a business consulting firm named Brad Worthley International and I am also a professional speaker. I travel the world speaking and training on customer service, leadership and motivation.

One of the things on my bucket list for years was to serve my community. Even though I had been a soccer, baseball or basketball coach for my son’s teams as he grew up, I did not feel that was community service because it felt like it was self-serving since I got to spend time with my son.

Being a very busy person, I used to make the excuse that “I do not have time” to volunteer or help make the world a better place. About 10 years ago I had an awakening to the fact that the lack of time is a “symptom” and not a “problem.” I did a reality check and realized that everyone is granted 24 hours in a day, but it is how we use those 24 hours that separates doers from the excuse makers.

I decided I would invest one night a week to serving my community so I contacted an organization called the Eastside Domestic Violence Program (, now called Lifewire, to see if they needed volunteers. I did so because I was alarmed at how many women that I knew personally had been victims of domestic violence. My perceptions of who the victims are, was completely transformed. It was not the women that you see on the show “Cops” who live in a trailer park, wear robes all day, have children they cannot afford and are alcoholics. The real victims are your neighbors – they are women of all social status and all races.

They are your mother, your aunt, your sister, your best friend and your co-workers and you would never know it. Why? Because they are embarrassed by how they ended up in the position they are in. They cannot believe that they are the ones, the victims that they have heard about on television. If they told anyone about the abuse, they would fear their abuser would find out and the penalty could be death.

Typically, since most people don’t understand domestic violence, the victims are afraid that if they told you about their abuse, you would say “then just leave the jerk!” and simplify their problem or make them feel even dumber than they already feel. What you do not know is that the abuser has spent months and normally years convincing the victims that they are useless, ugly, dumb, irritating and no one else could possible love them. The abusers are master manipulators that have separated the victim from their friends and family in order to maintain control. Please keep your ears and your heart open for women who might be silently suffering – provide them with the proper resources, so they can make good decisions for themselves and their children.

I began volunteering because I wanted to have a positive impact on people. As it turns out, the people that I have served have had a more profound impact on my life. I spent 10 years working with the children of domestic violence because they too are victims and they do not have a choice or a voice on their journey. My wish to all of you is that you find a passion, as Kelly has done with Women for One. Stop using the excuse that you do not have time, because you will find the time if it is important to you. Instead of complaining about the world, step up to the plate and do something to change it – you have the power – you have a voice.

Brad Worthley

Thanks Brad! Additionally I have included a short story of a woman who shared what she accomplished after having the courage to leave an abusive relationship. It truly is amazing what all of us can accomplish once we face our demons head on and take action in our lives. Thanks Brad for supporting women to step into their power. I am grateful to our anonymous writer for her bravery and openness to benefit other women.

I am a survivor. I arrived to my class in December of 1976. I didn’t know anyone there. I took a seat and an older woman told me I looked very pale. She stated that I looked as if my blood had been drained out of my body. I had been beaten, throw across a room and slapped before, during and after pregnancy. I had three children and we had to escape. I was twenty four years old. I weighed 110 lbs. I knew that I would have to go to school to take care of my children. High School wasn’t enough. I was not aware of looking pale. I didn’t care, I felt dead living with him, my ex-husband. I took a big chance on escaping. I never looked back. All that I could get out of that apartment in an hour was what I took. I had found a one room kitchenette. I was scared, but I had to leave or die. I had to leave that apartment because a man followed me after I entered the downstairs door one evening. I was fortunate that I could run.

I graduated from LPN nursing school, then went to beautician school and graduated from there as well.  After this I attended a Registered Nursing school and also obtained my Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree in Health Administration. After all of my successes, I finally became a Doctor of Naturopathy Consultant. It’s been a long road. The grace of God and my family pulled me through. Now I am going to plan detoxification programs and help women heal. I have found my passion.

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