Forever Friends

To have been friends for such a time,

Is such a treasure, yours and mine.
So much we’ve shared in all these years,
With lovers, husbands, kids and tears.

Youthful antics, the things we did.
Such crazy stunts and secrets hid.
Lessons learned as we matured,
Mama’s gray hair surely earned.

We went to work, got our own place.
Burned the candle at a breakneck pace.
Then God delivered the big surprise,
The doctor said the rabbit died.

Our children came we loved them dear.
We watched them grow year by year.
Before we knew it they were gone
We prayed our love enough had done.

Now we’re sharing life’s best prize
As we look into our grandkids eyes.
They grow up fast, shine so bright
Fridge front photos our delight.

Senior citizens we’ll soon be
Strange old ladies you and me.
I’ll be your friend till my last day.
Friends for life, day by day


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