Freedom Seeker: Live More. Worry Less. Do What You Love.

I went from being a life-loving, risk-taking adventurer to a grown-up, settled-down mother, wife, and business owner, before realizing that the life I had built was suffocating me. I set out on a journey to find personal freedom, and along the way I encountered many others who were also feeling trapped—by their circumstances, relationships, finances, beliefs, doubts, and fears.

The truth is, we often build our lives in a way that shuts out freedom. We fill our days with work, our ears with noise, and our cupboards with stuff. We weigh ourselves down with worries, debts, obligations, other people’s pain. We make assumptions and blindly follow fashions. We don’t break enough rules. We chase the kind of success that ultimately holds us back. What we thought we wanted isn’t actually making us happy. We often listen to the wrong people, when we should be listening to ourselves.

Freedom Seeker is the result of many years of searching—of seeking freedom through the life-changing impact of marriage, the trials of motherhood, and the pressures of running my own business.

And guess what I discovered? I was looking in the wrong place all along. Freedom is actually found within, in the shape of our laughter and the way we love, in the truths that we live by and the stories we become. She is a light heart, a clear head, a gentle smile. She wanders in the landscape of the mind and nourishes the deepest yearnings of the soul. She is me. I am her.

But here’s the thing. Sometimes life happens and we are split in two. Part of us gets trapped in a cage—surrounded by bars of guilt, worry, obligation, exhaustion, and more. The good news is that the other part of us is always free, even if it doesn’t feel that way. The key is recognizing when you are trapped, and then knowing how to escape whatever life sends your way.

You might manage to escape one cage only to find another cage closing in on you. This cycle of imprisonment and escape is a corollary of human growth; every time we get trapped and free ourselves, we learn a little, grow a little. But being trapped feels hard, and escape tastes better.

Any time you feel like you are in a cage, this book will help you locate your free self and find your way back to whole again. Looking for her is a choice. Finding her is a choice. Giving her reasons to stay is a choice.

I wrote Freedom Seeker to bring together the insights, techniques and wisdom I learned on my journey to find freedom, including my unique system of 8 Freedom Keys, which will help you to:

  • Get clarity on what really matters to you.
  • Figure out how to live the life you want, whatever your circumstances.
  • Make a shift from worry and fear to feeling alive and inspired.
  • Find the courage and confidence to shape your future.
  • Reignite old passions, and discover new ones.
  • Feel much freer, and happier, every single day.

Full of profound lessons, powerful exercises, and inspiring tales, Freedom Seeker will help you to live more, worry less, and find a way to do what you love, every day.

Get your copy of Freedom Seeker: Live more. Worry less. Do what you love. (Hay House, 2017) on Amazon:

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About the Author | Beth Kempton

Beth Kempton is a mother, writer and award-winning entrepreneur committed to helping women achieve their full potential. She is the author of Freedom Seeker: Live more. Worry less. Do what you love. (Hay House). Her company, Do What You Love, helps people find personal, professional and financial freedom through transformational online courses and workshops. /

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