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hope for women magazineHope is so much more than a word. It’s a movement. It’s a celebration of what’s to come. It’s a new level of faith in that which appears old and outdated. Hope for WomenMagazine delivers passionate, creative news coverage about women from health and wellness to fashion, beauty—all from the foundation of hope. Hope for Women celebrates the everyday woman of all colors — while providing the inspiration, support and wisdom women need most to live a destiny fulfilled.

Hope is unique to other women’s lifestyle magazines because it celebrates all womankind! Regardless of culture, age or creed, Hope serves as a constant source of support for every woman that is seeking useful, thought-provoking, entertaining content — that encourages them to live, dream and be inspired.

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About the Author | Angelia White

Angelia White created Hope for Women LLC and serves as CEO and publisher of Hope for Women Magazine. She made her home with her husband, Johnny, Sr., and their three children in Muncie, Ind., where the publication is headquartered.

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  • diane rose sakai

    I am the author of a book called Manna, a nonfiction memoir of sorts. I write to apologize for my generation “the boomers” and our 60’s sexual revolution. I hope you would be interested in a preview, essay, of a chapter from the book. Who would I send a query letter too? Diane Rose email dianerose2017@yahoo.com