I’m a Girl Who Went for It!

I’m a girl who went for it! This is what I know. You can sit on the sidelines and complain, or you can go for it.

Too many of us are living lies. Unfulfilled. Miserable. And yet opportunities for fun and happiness are just a choice away!

I’m a girl who went for it! I have no regrets. Every success, every failure, and every situation created brand new opportunities for me to rock!

One year, I went to Italy with the dream of designing shoes. I traveled to Florence, Milan, Pescara and Rome. I spoke very little Italian. So while attending the MICAM shoe event in Milan, I went for it! I was honest. I told them I was a new boutique owner in the US, and that I wanted to start small. Two weeks later, I left Italy with my first order of shoes, designed with my colors and my style. Way cool!

Long story short, my “Go for it!” adventure took me to Beverly Hills, CA where I met a boutique owner. We worked out an arrangement to sell my creations in her store. It was amazing. Did everything go smoothly? Absolutely not. But it gave me courage to keep trying even bigger things.

So, fast forward to today. In just the past year, my life has been filled with ups and downs, but mostly adventures because that’s how I choose to experience my life.

This girl who went for it has accomplished some amazing things.

I received 501(c)3 status for my non-profit Women Who Matter organization in 10 days.

I was invited to build a Women Who Matter Center of Excellence in the Ranson Green Project Community.

I’ve written various short stories, listed on Amazon.com.

I was offered an opportunity to use one of my stories for a film short “Old Man, Bold Man.”

I’ve hosted several empowerment teas and luncheons.

Through my work at the Washington Polo Club magazine, I’ve interviewed some of the world’s top luxury brands (I love luxury).

I’ve built a fan base of over 5,000 people, representing 25 countries, for Diamond Girl Fashions’ “Women’s Empowerment through Fashion” movement.

Yes, I am that girl! The fun girl! The adventurous girl! The bada$$!

None of this is to brag. It’s really to show that life can be full, fun and adventurous. Everyone deserves happiness. Everyone deserves a good life. You have to create the life you want and look at challenges as opportunities.

So people of the world, I have one request! Stop what you are doing right now – and go for it!

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