The Magic of Sisterhood and Feminine Leadership

I’m so happy to bring you the latest episode of my podcast, Your Messy Brilliance™ Show, featuring Tanya Lynn Paluso! Tanya is the visionary CEO behind the international organization Sistership Circle, a worldwide sisterhood movement empowering women to step into their true beauty, brilliance, and boldness as feminine leaders. She started training facilitators to use her proven 12-week Circle Program based on her bestselling book, Open Your Heart: How to Be a New Generation Feminine Leader. She is also the author of the How to Lead Circle Guidebook.

We had an amazing conversation about what feminine power, sisterhood, and genuine collaboration (all topics close to my heart) truly mean. Tanya and I talked about what it means to be more vulnerable and part of a circle rather than leading it from a pedestal. We also discussed the power of being congruent with who you are, and of integrating both your masculine (goal-oriented) and feminine (communicative and expressive) sides to experience your wholeness. She revealed how her personality as a strategic activator has both helped her to guide other women into their truth—and to help them resolve their conflicts in sisterhood by moving past the need to be liked.

The biggest takeaway I got from this conversation was the power of holding deep space for each other as women—in all our brilliant complexity, which goes way beyond commiserating with one another over cocktails at happy hour. “When we come together in sisterhood, there is nothing we lack,” she says.

Tanya believes that the new model of feminine leadership is not about hierarchies of power but about circles of collaboration. For us to become true leaders, we must embrace our sisters as our allies and give one another permission to shine. Learn more at

2:00 Starting Sistership Circle: Tanya’s dark night of the soul and where it led

4:45 The value of diving into the parts that are hard to look at

6:30 The power of embodying your work from a feminine place

8:28 The importance of a reliable structure in which the feminine can flourish

11:00 How to lead circle

15:30 Resolving our challenges, wounds, and betrayals with other women

18:20 The power of cultivating a few intimate friendships over lots of impersonal ones

23:00 What it means to be a new generation feminine leader

27:55 How to get involved with Sistership Circle

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About the Author | Tanya Lynn Paluso

Tanya Lynn is a “strategic activator” — gifted at coaching women to soar to new heights in their leadership by putting together a plan that maximizes their talents and strengths and taking bold, courageous actions to fulfill on their intentions.

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