Mona Patel’s Product Story: Insider Insight™

Customers are people, and people can be complex, contrarian, and unpredictable. They don’t always know what they want. They rarely want or need the same thing for long.

We can’t afford to miss something as important as what customers want.

As designers and strategists, we have a proven customer discovery process designed to unpack customer needs. But given the pace of today’s world, we just don’t have time to do it well. So we skip it and learn by doing to save time. But are we really saving time if we are selling the wrong thing to the right customer?

Customers are talking about what they want. And what they don’t want. They don’t always talk about it in research labs.

Often, we bring customers to research labs to study them. It’s convenient and controlled. Kind of like heading to the zoo for guaranteed sightings of the animals on our wish list. We go to see what we expect to see.

When we head into the wild, we see things in their natural context, in their bigger picture, in their actual ecosystem. We go to be surprised and humbled by fascinating creatures. We go to find the authenticity that opens up pathways to understanding. We head into the wild to experience what we don’t know. To have our mind spun, intentionally.

How do we go into the wild to find what customers want? Well, the wild is waiting.

People reveal the real with their real-life connections, in their real-life environments, through the real experiences that shape behavior and drive purchases.

They reveal what they want and need in real-life conversations. Insider Insight is powered by conversation, crafted by connection. It gets you a seat at their table to hear what makes your customers’ lives unique, drives their choices, and determines what they value.

It’s a way to understand the difference between what customers say to your face and behind closed doors; between their conscious, articulated answers to surveys and the things that prevent them from fitting neatly into market segments. It gives you a peek behind the subconscious walls that people build in the presence of strangers, and shows you the ones they live behind every day.

Insider Insight™ uses authentic, voluntary, one-on-one conversations to unlock what people who know each other tell each other.

Insider Insight™ leans into the biases, beliefs, and behaviors that determine how we experience the world. It leans into the ad hoc, off-the-cuff, back-and-forth of opinion, curiosity, and challenge that can only exist within strong relationships. It provides a way for businesses to get under the skin of a topic, in the way that only people who know each other can.

How does it work?

We tap the skills of our global Insider Collective: a community of smart, emotionally intelligent truth seekers. They come from all walks and diverse networks. They’re inspired by curiosity, learning, and genuine connection. They want to be Insiders because the questions we ask are real, big, and meaningful. They select the missions that matter to them and challenge their degree of human understanding.

The Insiders connect us to people they know, in places they know, to reveal what you don’t know. We simply ask them to have a conversation with a personal connection who maps to your customer base and talk about a topic they’re both happy to discuss.

Our promise is to get you inside the real conversations happening in real lives. And we’ve designed it to be affordable, practical, fast, and global.

Insider Insight™ is research, reframed.

Are you interested in becoming an Insider? Click the link below to tap into your active empathy and radical truth telling, and to help solve human problems: 

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About the Author | Mona Patel

As the CEO and Founder of Motivate Design, a user-centric design agency based in New York City, Mona Patel has worked with some of the biggest brands, including NASA, BMW, and Microsoft, to optimize their customers’ experiences. She is also the author of Reframe: Shift the Way You Work, Innovate and Think, and The Thing About Swings. Mona is a sought-after speaker and mother to two boys.

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