My Daddy And My Stepmom Are Pedophiles


My name is Allecia Clemons. I am a survivor of incest from BOTH parents, as well as being sold by my father for 300 dollars to a man at a bar when I was eight years old. After being bound by my hands and feet for days, raped and tortured, my dad picked me up and took me home. I was told that I was not allowed to talk about this or I would be “taken away” by my father. Thirty-six years later I now have the courage to come forward to talk about all that I have lived through. My brother was also sexually abused by our parents. It has taken me many, many years of recovery and healing to begin to get my “self” back after coming from this kind of family. In addition to being a survivor, my family disowned me and refuses to return any phone calls, emails or even acknowledge I exist. My grandmother died (who also disowned me as well) without ever saying good bye. I am writing a book about my life called, “A Wonderful Me.” I’ve got to be strong…my faith in God is true…but on my bad days…I wonder about humanity. Click HERE to watch my video.


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