Nine Ways to Take Wellness into Your Own Hands

We all have the potential to heal. We simply must believe it. I recognize this is a huge proclamation. Personally speaking, I know this to be true. The proof is in the pudding.

Diagnosed at the age of 14, and after undergoing 18 surgeries and 40 years of a disabling neurological disease, I stepped out of the medical box and opened to the world of spirituality, metaphysics, and alternative healing modalities. Today, not only have I transcended the physical manifestation of the dis-ease, I healed at the core, my heart.

If I can do it, so can you. All that’s required is for you to say yes to healing and wellness. I never said it was easy, but it is worth every ounce of energy expenditure required to live a life of health and wholeness. Are you ready for that? I was.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I truly desire to change?
  • What does wellness mean to me?
  • Is there a dis-ease or discomfort that permeates my heart and soul that continues to hold me in abeyance?
  • Am I open and willing enough to do the deep soul-filled work necessary to heal into wellness?

As we acknowledge these truths, we open ourselves widely to the opportunity to heal into wellness and step away from old paradigm beliefs and places we remain stuck, whether that’s in hating our parents, marriage, work – basically, any area that life is not serving your highest and best.

The first step is a call to action: a willingness and readiness to believe in one’s self, along with a deep knowing it’s in your power to heal beyond anything you ever imagined. The second step is accepting the fact that it’s your birthright to live in joy!

Outlined below are nine ways to empower you to take the steps required, with ease and grace, so you may live in your authenticity and become the person you came here to be!  Enjoy the process!

1. Say Yes, Yes, Yes!

Say yes to changing your beliefs and opening to new thought patterns even when you feel clueless as to what you are saying yes to. Take the step and trust that, by saying yes, you will bring yourself to a deeper, more honoring place.

2. Let Fear Be Your Guide

Open widely to the courage within. When you feel fear, ask yourself what the fear is about and hold yourself tenderly. Allow the fear to be part of you. Remember, you are human and humans feel fear. It is not to be ignored. Just don’t let it take over.

3. Relinquish Old Dramas and Traumas

Witness your story as the child and do the deep excavation required to change your DNA/cellular makeup by release old traumas and dramas holding you in abeyance. Discover and cherish the child within.

4. Love Yourself Enough

Look in the mirror and see you. Really see you. Feel you. Honor all of you, not just the parts of you that you like. Love the parts that need your love and attention. Love all of you in grace and dignity.

5. Forgive Self and Others

Simply said, forgiveness + compassion = healing. It is never about the other. Forgiving yourself is the greatest healing tool of all.

6. Trust

Trust that you have the power to make choices, and to be the co-creator of your destiny, and in the invisible lines of connection. Open yourself to unknown possibilities and the energies around you. Be a wave in the ocean and let go. Follow your knowing, and most of all, be real.

7. Walk Your Talk

Be who you desire to be. Live your life as a witness to self without judgment or criticism. Stay centered in the truth of who you are. Live from purposeful knowing. When you walk your talk, you are your authentic self.

8. Allow, Allow, Allow

Relax and let it be. Allow spirit to guide you. It’s about willingness and readiness to listen to the guidance. All you need to do is get out of your own way.

9. Lighten Up

Live from joy, humor, and wit. Live like the child you were before you were squelched. Feel the blessing you are in the life you have. Joy is a very powerful place to reside.

I hope this outline of Nine Ways to Taking Wellness Into Your Own Hands will serve you as it has served me over the past 10 years, and continues to everyday of my conscious life.

When I said yes to healing, I meant it – body, mind and spirit – and you can do it, too!

For more information about my healing work contact me at I look forward to hearing from you.

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2 comments to "Nine Ways to Take Wellness into Your Own Hands"

  • These 9 tips are fantastic Laura! So happy for you that you have taken your life back and are in control of your health and wellness. Such a wonderful feeling for sure. Love that you touched on healing by forgiving, allowing, and trusting. Just find joy in the journey! Appreciate the value you’re sharing. Rock On! :)

    • Thank you so much for the kind and thoughtful words Brian and Felicia. The greatest gift of my healing process is the joy of sharing the gratitude and grace with others who have the courage to heal…. whatever it is for them to heal. Blessings to you both, Laura