Rounding Womanly Body

My rounding womanly body
moves through
each veiled doorway
and pierces light into the ancient

Birthing brewing body
holding earth
with eyes that ignite
the awakened ones
holding true to who they are

Sensuous breathing steamy
curvaceous bodies
give life in oceans
swallowing whole
sea waters of wisdom
aglow with fire and moon
and all those beautiful shades
of blue
that seep into
the cracks of daylight

This rounding womanly body
written in stars and dangles off
each pointed tip, a pearl
of strength and courage
and insight so deep
the night turns blacker
from its depth

Round womanly body
gives birth to
boys who become men
warriors of the womb
And girls to woman
in love with their own bodies
How dreams come true
in full fruition

Rounding womanly body
Aging into weathered wisdom
of a life so intensely lived
we flower
we bloom
we wither and pass on
such depth with each footprint
we’ve left here
on the ground
So round
so womanly
so quenched

Plump with nectar and spice
A wet-kissed tongue
slurping the flavor of its own juice
The juice of
this round and womanly heart
ache exquisite
and profound

In the weighted belly of a tear
grows life
grows life
grows life

Substance in the love-grab of a hand
taken by the ripeness
of change
the deep, unwavering acceptance
of all that fades
and appears again whole
inside the eyes
of the adoring.

About the Author | Leslie Caplan

Leslie Caplan is a fiercely courageous heart who has found her strength and voice through the alchemy of writing. She is a powerful advocate for writers, and uses the depth of her skill and innate abilities to guide writers deeper into their stories. An editor, writing coach and internationally published writer, Leslie brings it to real with an unwavering passion for authenticity. You can find her at her

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