Sacred Feminine Energy: A Real Game Changer

By some unique way of life events, I found myself in Cape Town in late July last year, and since then a story of a sacred feminine co-creation has unfolded. The bridge between two, at first glance, very different countries has gained strength. We’ve answered the higher call and in April 2013, Eleftheria Kakambouras came from Cape Town to Slovenia, Europe. Known for her great work in awakening the Sacred Feminine in South Africa, she came to facilitate the “Awakening the Sacred Feminine” workshop at Bled, one of the finest Alpine resorts in Slovenia. Women from different regions and different fields of work heard the call to join us in a beautiful space and anchor the Sacred Divine Feminine, linking African ideas of creation energy and Slovenian ideas of heart-centered living. There’s a beautiful vulnerability taking place globally and it allows this wave of femininity to become a key factor for change in our future society. During Eleftheria’s visit here, we took a deeper insight into the essence of Sacred Feminine Energy.

There has been a ton of talk lately about the Divine Feminine, however to really feel the affinity to those words – talking, writing, living – we should probably first clarify: What is this Divine Feminine?

Eleftheria: ” The Sacred Feminine or at times referred to as the Divine Feminine is simply a state of grace which is embodied by the balance of the Divine Masculine, and the Divine Feminine energies flowing harmoniously in sacred union. It is the balanced state of giving or doing energy, and receiving or being energy.”

How does the feminine perspective differ from masculine?

Eleftheria: “The Divine Masculine Energy is embodied by the peaceful warrior, the active, practical, protector and gatekeeper of the Feminine. The Divine Feminine is embodied by the graceful receptiveness, honoring intuition, nurturing, and education through relevant wisdom, gratitude, and creative flow. Together in sacred union, they are a powerful creative force, able to create a sustainable, thriving living experience for all, and the next 7 generations.”

As we can observe, society is bursting with new thinking, new projects, eco-friendly solutions, sustainability talks on one side, but then on the other there’s still so much mind oriented thinking present, games played, even among people who claim to use their hearts as guides. Where are we missing the point?

Eleftheria: “This is why it is a pertinent time for women to gather in groups, to collaborate their resources. Women educate communities. People often underestimate the power they hold as consumers. When women awaken, and have the information available to them about conscious products, they purchase it for their families. They participate in sustainable solutions, because our intuition and instinct are in alignment with preservation, not domination or competition. Once we awaken, we find others who are also awakened. The “Maraheshi Effect” and further research has shown that it takes 1% of a community to effect change.”

Do you think that awakened women in leadership positions can be the new role models, leaders, and the agents of change?

Eleftheria: “Absolutely. His Holiness the Dalai Lama made a proclamation that stunned many at the recent Peace Summit in Vancouver: “The world will be saved by the western woman.” New authentic leadership styles are already being implemented in the corporate world. It is important for women to re-engage their sacred selves, to shift out of the old patriarchal view of how things “should” be or “should work” or how success is defined. Creative collaborative solutions will be born from new ways of being and believing, and “seeing” with the heart.”

What can a woman do to become an awakened woman?

Eleftheria: “Stop. Breathe. Listen. Feel. The second you stop getting pulled into the drama of the illusionary realities around you, and you connect with your sacred heart… you come home. It is only through our hearts that our real sight opens and awakens. And your body is a magnificent vehicle that will tell you everything you want to know.”

As I see it…the relationship with our sexuality is so much connected to creation and manifestation. It’s a sacred energy. How can we as women restore it in ourselves and use it for the highest good?

Eleftheria: “The first thing that is pertinent is to discern between sacred sexuality and the misuse of sexuality. Trust your intuition. If you feel uncomfortable, listen to this feeling, trust it. Our sacred sexual energy is golden healing creative energy, and we can learn to harness this energy for healing purposes, for our bodies. We are expanding more on this topic in our seminars.”

What can we learn from Ancient Feminine Wisdom and how can we integrate it into today’s living?

Eleftheria: “The Ancient Sacred Feminine Wisdom was a way of being. It was and is becoming a way of life. We lived fully present in each moment, knowing that every being and creature we interacted with was sacred. We had reverence for life and the collective protection of the communities’ children. We honored our emotions, and the beingness of a woman. Rites of passage were a common and very sacred part of life. Just re-integrating this one wisdom will change our society dramatically.”

They say when woman awakes; a man also gets the opportunity to open his heart once again. How will our relationship change?

Eleftheria: “When a woman awakens to her truth, her worth and her wisdom, she chooses to be around men who are also awakened. We are all part of the same energetic matter, and so if we shift, the energies around us have to shift. If we hold a higher vibration, the energies surrounding us either have to raise their vibration to meet ours, or leave. This is simple physics, yet beautiful to witness in practice. Our relationships have the opportunity now, during this pertinent time, to shift on so many levels, and move into one that is in resonance with respect, honor, compassion, clear communication, kindness, heart-centered sacred union.”

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