September 2011 Highlight: Sammamish W2O

Women for One is thrilled to announce the first ever highlighted organization: Sammamish W2O. I met with the three current members a few weeks ago to find out more about them and I was completely in awe of their heartfelt passion for the mission of W2O. We are all looking for inspiration and this group encompasses the word INSPIRE. Please join me this month in discovering more about who they are and how this model of fundraising developed in such a grassroots manner.

“Never doubt what a small group of committed individuals can accomplish.” -Margaret Mead

Over the next few weeks we will be sending you information about W2O; different ways you can get involved; and update you on how many people we have reached! Our goal is to have a specific “Day of Giving” for each cause we highlight monthly. This month the giving day will be on September 28th. We will be sending more information about creative ways you can give your time and donations next week.


Sammamish W2O’s mission is to provide financial assistance to local non-profit charitable organizations. They are a group who believe that together as women, we can make a difference in our community by giving back and creating awareness around incredible causes. 100% of the funds raised byW2O go directly to support the organization they are highlighting. In the past 5 years, W2O has raised over $50,000!


The original founders of W2O were inspired by a 2001 Real Simple Magazine article in which a Washington D.C. doctor started a pot-luck with friends in order to benefit her clinic’s patients who couldn’t afford medicine and basic needs, one of the current board members took this to heart. With the help of several close friends a “Girls’ Night Out” with a purpose began in the town of Park City, Utah. The events took place in friend’s homes three times a year. Benefactors of these Girls’ Night Out events were a “safe house” for battered women and children as well as a local center for abused children.

When a move took a founding member from Park City to Sammamish in 2004, she began to gather friends who were business owners, former executives and stay-at-home moms to create W2O – Women Together Stronger. Sammamish W2O officially began with a simple plan to support a variety of local charities in order to give these organizations an opportunity to inform a fresh audience about their mission, current needs and volunteer opportunities. Basically, W2O organized a Girls’ Night Out with a purpose.  The first “party” they planned was to celebrate the gifts Gilda’s Club gave to our community. Friends came and donated what the cost of going out for dinner would be, roughly $25-$50, and 100% of their donations were given to a worthy cause.  It was a big success–friends had fun, learned about an amazing non-profit organization in their midst and Gilda’s Club took home nearly $4,000 in one evening.
Currently, Sammamish W2O has  hosted well over 700  women and highlighted 8 organizations.

Please go to to find out more information about this incredible model of giving back to our community.

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