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Dear Women For One Global Followers,

I am honored and moved beyond words to present an interview with one of my newest and most enlightened teachers, Sonia Choquette. I have been a spiritual seeker for 30 years. I have lived with Gurus and attended more than my share of self-help and spiritual growth workshops. I believe my greatest gift in this lifetime (other than my children) is my thirst for experiencing Spirit. I have gratitude for Spirit and the Universe for presenting me with a new opportunity to grow and learn from such a beautiful human being that understands the essence of the authentic self. Thank you, Sonia Choquette, for pushing my boundaries, and in your own words, “Shaking, rattling and rolling me” in my personal growth process.

Wf1: How do you define authenticity?

Sonia: I experience authenticity as being spirit and the breath of your divine self that gives you life. Spirit is your guiding light. It does not live in your intellect. It’s a vibration, an energy that informs us of what we need to do. It helps connect us to our natural gifts. It is a force that protects us and guides us to the right place at the right time. Our authentic self is the true author of our life.

The authentic self is the conscious guiding force and guiding light of our existence. It doesn’t reside in our intellect. It is a force in our heart that grows throughout our lives. It’s an expanding vibration and much more than a voice. It’s a vibration and a frequency that is our inner voice. Our authentic self is our inner essence, an energy that informs each of us and rises up and guides us in a whole constellation that is like an exploding star. It helps us stay in touch with our natural gifts and true yearning for our expression. It also serves as a force of protection when we drift away. It is a force, and a heat-seeking missile for opportunities to express love and light. It guides us to be in the right place at the right time – some people call that synchronicity. I call it Grace. It connects us to the quantum field. The authentic self gives us the yearning to be the decision maker and leader of our true nature. The authentic self is the true author of our lives. Its frequency resides in the heart. In fact,

Authenticity is the frequency of the heart.


Wf1: I love that you are so grounded with your advice in your books and lectures. What are some tools that you teach for people to be more inspired by spirit? How would they actively manifest that spirit and put that manifestation into action? Such as, “Spirit into Action?”

Sonia: I have so many tools to share with you! Currently, humanity is holding the frequency of fear and anxiety and it causes each of us to abandon ourselves. As spiritual beings we have access to all that is in the spirit world to heal ourselves. We need to learn to cultivate our awareness of these tools.

Our spirit lives in our heart. We first need to know what our soul essence is along with our soul’s purpose. The first tool I would suggest to use is to simply breathe. This is a simple way to wake up our spirit. Breathing changes our vibration. I talk about this tool in my book, Diary of a Psychic. Becoming psychic is really not a big deal. Each person’s psychic nature is made up of a bunch of “little deals”. Additionally, our heart holds a specific vibration that responds beautifully to singing and moving.

Moving works. Do you know where your spirit moves? Your hips! Your creativity and spirit move there. So movement is very important to discovering your creativity and awareness.

Here is a more specific process to accessing our soul’s purpose, releasing fear and anxiety and being in the present moment:

1) Become aware of how you feel.

2) Start naming and verbalizing what you are afraid of – OUT LOUD.

3) Start naming whatever is right in front of you. For example, vocalize what your physical surroundings are (I see the window and the trees outside etc.) and then let out a sigh.

4) After about 2-3 minutes ask yourself, “How do I feel?”

If the fear is gone and you are as fully present in the moment as you can be, then you have a tool to use each time you hold the vibration of fear and anxiety. When we express our fears they shrink. It is truly spirit vocalized.

Another question you can ask yourself is, “What is the best course of action for myself and what does my heart say?”

One more important tool is to ask ourselves is, “What it is that we love?” I am talking about real language here. Until we name what we love – we won’t own it. Put a voice to your intuition. You have to name it to claim it. It’s an empowering time and we as women now have the responsibility to give a language to the subtle energy that we are. This will help us discover our soul’s essence and soul’s purpose on this Earth.


Wf1: I am asking this for my own personal yearning to know what you believe. I do not personally believe in linear time. How do you define time perception and the expansiveness of it?

Sonia: I don’t have the intellectually capacity to explain or deconstruct quantum physics. All I know is that I live in a quantum world. I am deeply connected to multiple levels of energy. I live in an expansive reality of creativity and I am aware and engaged on multiple levels all at the same time. I don’t invest much in “time” per say. I have been told I look young for my age. I have always been a timeless person. I am not invested in linear time. I care about being present and creative in all areas of my life. I have written 19 books, traveled the world, lectured and run workshops and still managed to be a stay at home mom. One can accomplish many things when they are fully present and not invested in time. It is important to be aware of multiple layers of energy and experience creativity in every aspect of our lives. I am engaged fully in the life I live in.


Wf1: I recently watched a video series of an interview with you and Robin Walker. You speak about 2012 and the year of new beginnings. I love what you said about where our planet is now. Can you expand on that for our readers?

Sonia: I am excited about the changes that are occurring. We are all influencing one and other energetically and we are all waking up and becoming more aware. It is a great charade that we are only what we see. I am excited that we are getting shaked, rattled and rolled. We can’t be a true force of good if we abandon ourselves. This fear causes confusion and anxiety. From our new awareness we need to become more responsible for our choices and the influences each of us personally has on the planet. We need to use our higher sensibility. I do not want to get political, but even electing our President, we are all individually and collectively choosing a more responsible fuel base for the planet. We as women are here to do our work on this planet and become more and more conscious. That is our homework. We are at the end of the false reality that we are just simply dense physical beings.

Our ego-isolated society is ending. When you come from the ego you don’t engage. Ego keeps up separate and unconnected. Each individual needs to commit to elevate his or her influence on the world to be a positive one. You cannot be a true force of good if you abandon yourself and go into your ego. The ego causes confusion, disruption and anxiety. The world is outgrowing the current systems that are in place. We all need to be more creative and engaged with all of our senses including the sixth sense.


Wf1: What book would you like for us to highlight when we post this interview?

Sonia: Grace, Guidance and Gift, Sacred Blessings to Guide Your Way. These sacred blessings are God’s grace, inner guidance, and personal gifts. It’s an uplifting toolbox for you and your community. It’s a blessing. It gives one tools to be present and listen to their intuition.


Wf1: So what you are saying is to actually think less and feel more.

Sonia: Actually, THINK LESS and BE MORE. It really works.


Wf1: Do you have one last piece of Advice to Women For One’s Community?

Sonia: One last piece of advice to Women for One Community is that I would invite all women to play more! Nothing is more powerful expansive, potent, powerful and healing than women playing and having a good time and creating joy in their lives.


Wf1: Thank you for your presence, your work in the world and most importantly, for your HEART Sonia. It was my complete honor to speak with you and I wish you peace.



About the Author | Sonia Choquette

Sonia Choquette is a world-renowned author, storyteller, vibrational healer, and six-sensory spiritual teacher in international demand for her guidance, wisdom, and capacity to heal the soul. She is the author of several best-selling books, including “Diary of a Psychic,” “Ask Your Guides,” and “Trust Your Vibes”; and numerous audio programs and card decks.

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