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I’m the kind of girl who is considerate a fighter…never backs down, never gives up, follows her dreams, and takes what she wants, no matter what the cost. Not so easy, though, because I go through a lot of difficulties choosing whether what I want is right and good for me or is going to totally ruin my life. And trust me when I say a lot of my decisions come back and bite me in the a**!

I engage and I love engaging. Courage is an issue for me, however. I feel sometimes that I let others have their way into my life and even control it a bit. By “others,” I mean my family…not because I’m weak but because I respect them…maybe a little too much. I know how parents fear for their children and think that the world is a jungle. Well, they’re right—but don’t tell them I said that, please.

“Powerful, independent lady.” Three words that keep me going. Three words that sum up my dreams. I know I need to be a bold type and engage, which is easy in my job and in my social relationships, where I’m pointed out as a cutting-edge chick who says what she thinks. Some have referred to me as “the iron lady.”

But my private life is messy. I mean, what is wrong with relationships today? What is wrong with people today? Why does it have to be that freaking complicated? Why can’t we be like 90s movies? We’re a whole generation that got raised with movies and poems and sweet stories about eternal love and all that, but we’re still using games and hiding our true feelings and playing hide and seek. Where is the fun there?

I’m a cut-to-the-chase kind of girl. I hate games. After all, what’s the worst that can happen if you came through and said the truth? It’s not like I’m gonna set you on fire or beat you with a stick. So why be afraid?

Personally, I’m sick of sitting back and not expressing my opinion…I’m tired of playing it cool and saying, “It’s OK, that’s just how it is.” I want to speak up for any girl who thinks that this is sick. I’m speaking up against men who play around and act like they’re interested at first without uncovering their intentions…and then disappearing when they think it’s not gonna work, leaving the girl a complete mess…not knowing what went wrong.

I wouldn’t be courageous if I told women to be brave and strong while not coming through to talk about something that has been bothering me and a lot of my girlfriends. So this article is for you men, not for women. I challenge you to step up your game by speaking the truth.

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About the Author | Hiba Edahdeh

Hiba Edahdeh is 25 years old and soon to be a graduate in architecture, inshallah. She is full of dreams hopes, and has every intention to achieve them.

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