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I recently overheard a few girls talking unkindly about other cultures. This is when my idea for “Unified Fashion” came to life. The girls were discussing Italians in a negative manner. I realized not only how disrespectful they were being, but also how uneducated they were about other cultures. I noticed while listening to the girls that they were each wearing something that was created in Rome. The girl who was calling the Italians names was wearing a lacy, white dress that had originated in Rome. The other two girls who were agreeing with her comments were wearing scarves from Italy.

I began to realize people were fashion driven, yet they had no understanding about the deeply rich historical impact that fashion has had on our society. I thought to myself, “What if we could turn fashion into something more powerful than simply a list of “dos” and “don’ts” about what to wear?” Fashion has more power than we think. I decided to test my theory and created Unified Fashion. Unified Fashion is about uniting cultures through fashion.

Unified Fashion is a website I created that educates people about where each piece of clothing originates. With knowledge, people can begin to have respect for cultures other than their own. I understand it is impossible for everyone to come together and love each other completely. I am just hoping for a little understanding. Unified Fashion gives people a reason to understand another culture. It allows them to sit back and realize even though they might not be familiar with the culture, there is something to like about them – Fashion!

I have received many emails from people thanking me for changing their lives and giving them a more positive perspective. My hope is for Unified Fashion to keep growing and spreading respect around the world for others.

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About the Author | AJ Sanducci

AJ Sanducci is a pre-medical student who is currently applying to Medical School during the 2017 cycle. AJ loves meeting new people and learning about different types of cultures.

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