When I Was Down To Nothing

I’ve been without a computer for almost 2 months now and what an insane struggle it has been. The Geek Squad is working on both of my laptops. I assumed they would be back sooner than later… I WAS TERRIBLY WRONG!

In this life we live as powerful women, have you ever thought something would be fixed quicker than it was? I’m no longer talking about a thing, but rather a situation.

We ask whomever our higher power is to show up. Some of us shout in hopes that the echoing of our voice will provoke someone, anyone, maybe even God to move.  We get to a place bordering on insanity where everything drives us up the wall. We try to reassure ourselves that everything will be okay, but how can it be okay? We don’t even believe the words out of our own mouths half the time. When we see nothing happening, our faith begins to slowly diminish and doubt sets in often leading to depression and feeling sorry for ourselves. Have you been there? I have!

When we don’t see an immediate response, it doesn’t mean nothing is happening. The work done thus far often is not viewable by the natural eye. Some things have to be fixed behind the scenes to prepare for the up-close and personal view.

God is steadily at work in our lives, fixing things we prayed about years ago! We have to remain faithful and put complete confidence in Him. The work he has started will be completed.

This brings me back to my computers that are being repaired. I called the Geek Squad and asked for a status update. The tech said, “Ms. O, we’ve managed to back up everything on your hard drive. But while we were working, we found some other things we had to take care of before we sent the computer back or the problem would reoccur!!!”

Today, I want to tell you, that in life, especially in my life when I found myself down to nothing the higher power I serve was up to something!  There are absolutely some other things that have to be fixed before the solution you’ve been waiting for is manifested…or the problem may reoccur

So be patient, be of good cheer, and stand on these encouraging words:  Be empowered to be powerful because the best is yet to come and this time when it does, you’ll be ready!

I have made contact- finally, with myself.



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Khalilah Olokunola is passionate about empowering women tap into their full potential through workshops based on Dr. Seuss and Winnie the Pooh books, and through social networking. She is a Brooklyn, New York transplant who calls Wilmington, North Carolina home, where she resides with her husband, children, and pup. She is an event-preneur, author, life catalyst, public speaker, and God lover who has an insatiable curiosity with trees and an insatiable appetite for scuppernong grapes.

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